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Group: Novice > Hunter > Archer > Ranger / Assassin > Sharpshooter / Darkstalker > Hawkeye / WindShadow


Once an Assassin reaches level 65 they're able to upgrade their class to Darkstalker. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introduces a few new skills.



Darkstalkers are a powerful melee class. Darkstalkers are able to deal an incredible amount of damage to an opponent in a short period of time.


  • Improved Healing - With the level 66 orange / level 70 yellow sword a Darkstalker can fully heal himself with 2-3 melee attacks.
  • AoE Stealth - Darkstalkers can stealth other people (and knock those annoying players blocking NPCs off their dragon mounts).
  • Deadliest Critical Hitter - No one can withstand critical hits from a Darkstalker easily, as their critical hits are unrivaled.
  • High Evasion Darkstalkers have the highest Evasion of the game, making it difficult for other classes to land a direct hit on them.
  • Soloing - Thanks to high evasion and the leech sword Darkstalkers are great at soloing.


  • Low HP and Defense - Compared to other classes, Darkstalkers have low HP, Defence and Magic Defense.
  • Lack of anti-stun - Unlike most 4th tier classes, Darkstalkers can't get their hands on any form of anti-stun until they reach level 80.

Equipments of a Darkstalker



Mastery System

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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