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Dark Sprites

A Dark Sprite is a wild NPC Sprite that may appear during your travels in Saphael. They are black in color, with bat wings instead of the typical fairy wings most normal Sprites and NPC Sprites have. They only appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00pm PST/6:00pm EST/11:00pm GMT. They are REP NPCs, which means you can turn in special items called Dark Sprite Emblems to them to increase your Reputation points with the Dark Sprite faction. They are also merchants, and sell many useful Sprite items such as Blazon, Furniture, Costumes and Summons.

Dark Sprite & EmblemsImage
Dark Sprites only appear on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00pm PST / 6:00pm EST. 2n8wx9v.png
*Players can trade one Dark Sprite Emblem for 30 Reputation points with the Dark Sprite faction.
*Dark Sprite Emblems stacks can hold up to 250 emblems.
*After gaining 1,000 Reputation points, a player can trade two Dark Sprite Emblems for a Dark Sprite Bag, which contains random items.
*A Reputation title is acquired once a player gains 9,000 Reputation points with the Dark Sprite faction.

What can be obtained

Item Name Required Level Required Reputation Description/Skills Cost
Ghostly Magic Ring 30 ---- M-Def +230; VIT +3; Dark +9 resistance 10g
Dark Spirit Necklace 40 1000 M-Def +332; VIT +11; Dark +17 resistance 75g
Dark Death God's Chain 50 4000 M-Def +386; VIT +14; Dark +18 resistance 200g
Fallen Hell Eye 60 9000 M-Def +436; VIT +17; Dark +19 resistance 450g
Party's Corrupt Black Flute 31 1000 Mining 32, Hunting 32, Sword Crafting 31, Firearm Crafting 31 75g
Treasure's Corrupt Black Bell 31 1000 Mining 32, Foraging 32, Hammer Crafting 31, Warrior Apparel Crafting 31 75g
Panon's Corrupt Black Drum 41 4000 Foraging 42, Hunting 42, Shield Crafting 41, Relic Crafting 41 200g
Lilian's Corrupt Black Horn 41 4000 Mining 42, Foraging 42, Sword Crafting 41, Firearm Crafting 41 200g
Claymore's Corrupt Black Adder Drum 51 9000 Mining 52, Foraging 52, Staff Crafting 51, Warrior Apparel Crafting 51 600g
Mier's Corrupt Black Harp 51 9000 Foraging 52, Hunting 52, Axe Crafting 51, Priest Apparel Crafting 51 600g
Ishti's Corrupt Black Bagpipe 51 9000 Mining 52, Hunting 52, Firearm Crafting 51, Mage Apparel Crafting 51 600g
Falta's Corrupt Black Trumpet 51 9000 Mining 52, Foraging 52, Shield Crafting 51, Archer Apparel Crafting 51 600g
Dark Netherworld Halo 70 12000 M-Def +484; VIT +17; WIL +9; Dark +20 Resistance 550g
Kiya's Fallen Double Bass 66 12000 Mining 65, Foraging 66, Hunting 67, Bow Crafting 67 700g
Anubis' Fallen Violin 71 16000 Mining 69, Foraging 70, Hunting 69, Staff Crafting 70 800g
Mansol's Cello of Corruption 71 21000 Mining 74, Foraging 73, Item Salvaging 74, Relic Crafting 74 900g
Dark Demonologist Ring 80 16000 M-Def +535; VIT +17; INT +11; Dark +21 Resistance 650g
Cora's Dark Mandolin 81 30000 Firearm Crafting 84, Archer Apparel Crafting 84, Crystal Gathering 85 1000g
Talliver's Darksoul Drum 81 30000 Axe Crafting 85, Shield Crafting 83, Foraging 84, Hunting 83 1000g
Matilda's Dark Bell 81 30000 Mining 84, Hunting 84, Foraging 85, Crystal Gathering 83 1000g
Blacksoul's Necklace 90 20000 M-Def +585; VIT +20; Dark +22 Resistance 750g

Fate Boxes

After defeating a monster, there is a chance that that they may drop a Fate Box, which is a stone, cylindrical box decorated with "?" marks and glows blue and green. Upon "picking up" this box, there is a chance for the following to occur:

  • A Corrupted Messenger may appear. These are much more difficult than the standard monster (on par with a random, non-quest related boss monster), and can easily kill lower leveled or unprepared players. By defeating one, it will drop a Dark Sprite Emblem, which can be exchanged for either Dark Sprite reputation points or a Dark Sprite Bag (depending on your reputation). Corrupted Messengers that are level 50+ can possibly drop two emblems and may drop three emblems at level 70+.
  • You will receive the Corrupted Messenger Curse. Your character will be temporarily transformed into a Corrupted Messenger for three minutes. During the curse, a player cannot cast skills or use weapons. However, a player's HP doubles and their physical attack is increased by 50% while the curse is active. Note: The curse can automatically be dispelled by equipping a mount.
  • Your HP and MP are fully restored.

The chances to be cursed or encounter a Corrupted Messenger increases as your character levels. Some players avoid picking up the box entirely, especially when in the middle of grinding and AOE'ing. The Fate Box isn't immune from being picked up by your Sprite, which means in the middle of fighting, you could possibly be surprised by a Corrupted Messenger. To avoid this, simply recall your Sprite before fighting, and the box will not be picked up.

Fate Box Corrupted Messenger Dark Sprite Emblem Chest
2lxttut.png 33as39i.png 6505c2.png


A player can check when Dark Sprites will appear by clicking on their Events tab. This is the balloon shaped icon on the lower left hand corner of their mini map. This will also give a detailed listing of the exact coordinates where Dark Sprites can be found.

The Dark Sprite NPCs can be found in:

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