Crystal Clue III

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Name: Crystal Clue III

Level: 3

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Alec. Requires completion of Crystal Clue II.

Next Quest: Oracle Magi I

Legend: Limestone Mtn. Sec 2: Crystal Clue


"I'd like to do more detailed research. It's not often I get to analyze such a fascinating specimen!"
"_____, can you take this letter to Village Head Andrew?" He thrust a letter at you.
"This is a report on why the Poisonous Mushroids spread so fast. I hope it can help Village Head Andrew restart the mine work as soon as possible."
"You were born from the depths of the mines, and you must meet the Chief."



"Are you familiar with the village now?"
"The mining industry in Andrew Village is well-known across the entire continent."
"Back in the day, no one wanted to construct a village here," Andrew said conspiratorially.
"You should insist on what you believe, even when nobody thinks you'll succeed."
"But I'm talking too much. Why are you here?"



Andrew grabbed the mine survey report and began to read. His expression fell as his eyes skimmed the words.
"The situation with the Poisonous Mushroids is more dire than I thought."
"I should thank Alec for his help. I know he's really hoping the mining can resume soon."
"I'll send the report to Kev, the Mining Captain. I hope we can find a solution quickly."
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