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By using Crystal Altar, you can offer your Eden Crystals and receive awesome prizes in return! You can get crafting items, perm costumes, all kinds of stuff! You can also win the special bonus, and get 2x the item that you landed on!



The Crystal Altar or Crystal Transformation Panel shows the possible results of transforming an Eden Crystal.

  • Players need at least one Pink Eden Crystal in their Inventory.
  • Players may also have a chance to acquire a 2X bonus.

When a player clicks transform, they may either acquire the item or transform again to move up a row.

Please Note: If a player lands on a Blue or Gold Eden Crystal, the player must take the Eden Crystal. Only by landing on items can the player move up on the Altar.

Eden Crystals

Each new series of transformations requires an Eden Crystal to start.

There are three types of Eden Crystals: Pink, Blue, and Gold.

Please Note: Only the Pink Eden Crystal may be traded among players.

Eden_Crystal.png Eden_Crystal_%28Blue%29.png Eden_Crystal_%28Gold%29.png

Each Crystal pertains to a row. Please Note: A player needs at least one Pink Eden Crystal to transform on the Crystal Altar.

If a player has collected 10 Blue Eden Crystal, they may transform on the third row.


If a player has collected 10 Gold Eden Crystal, they may transform on the fifth row.


Please Note: Blue and Gold Eden Crystals do NOT go into your backpack, they accumulate in one large stack in the right-hand side of the Crystal Altar window.

Obtaining Eden Crystals

For more information on Arena Quests see, Arena Quests

For more information on Recommended Events see, Recommended Events

  • Players may buy Eden Crystals via in-game Item Mall.
  • Players may obtain War Stones from Arena Quests and exchange them for Eden Crystals.
  • Eden Crystals may be obtained from Recommended Events.

Please Note: Players may also obtain Eden Crystal Fragments from Recommended Events. Once a player has collected 30, they may be exchanged for one Eden Crystal at Secretary Waver in Aven.

Transforming on The Crystal Altar

To view the Crystal Altar, look for the Crystal Altar Icon on the Mini-Map to open the Crystal Transformation Panel. Crystal_Altar_Icon.png

  • Players must make sure to have open room in their Inventory before they may acquire the Items from the Altar.
  • In each phase, you can either take the item generated or go on to the next phase of transformation.


Altar Events

Please see EEPromotions for updates on Player's Choice Altar, Event Altar, and upcoming Altars.

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