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Once a Templar reaches level 85 and completes the class change quest, they automatically level to 86 and become Crusaders, with enhanced defensive skills.



  • Supreme Defensive Ability - Best defensive capabilities in the game
  • Best HP - The highest HP in the game.
  • More offensive ability - Larger offensive skill pool than Templar


  • Poor Magic Defense - Crusader shares it's low Magic Defense with it's predecessor classes, Paladin and Templar
  • Semi-Slow Offense - Crusader are averagely slower in offensive DPS than it's mirror branch DeathKnight
  • Poor Mana Pool - Much like your time from Paladin to Templar, You'll find yourself using a lot of mana very quickly.




Ancient Moon Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// ?? 87 ?? ???
http:// ?? ?? ??
http:// ?? ?? ??

Ancient Sun Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// Guardian Specialist 2 90 P-DMG warded off by shield block +4%, VIT +15 5k Crystal Guardian Reputation
http:// Sublime Holiness 2 Dark resistance increases +20

Healing Aura and Divine Healing Aura effects increase +25%

<Razorwhorl> Barbed Clar (Heirloom Peninsula 314,259)

<Ancient Sprite Messenger> Sangcart (Condemned Island)

http:// Light of Glory 2 Sacred Light Grenade damage +23% Steel Rock Beasts

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