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Before the servers merged you used to be able to go to the linked pvp portals and trade between servers in the waiting room for linked pvp. As the serves are now merged the only cross server trading there is now is between light and fury factions. you may need help from someone you trust but this can be done safely by two ways

1 - going to the Underground Stadium costs 1,000 to get there (can be found by going to the gatekeeper in Iris/Apulune that you take to Auction House or by using a Arena recall Rune) and battling a person from the other faction in order to "trade" the item/items over winner gets the item(s) just remember to pick them up.


2- by putting all items that you wish to trade to the opposite faction in your warehouse and deleting all your characters to start again on the opposite faction, you can use all 6 boxes if you use a Double Warehouse but it will get deleted along with your toon but you can still take them out of your warehouse just not put back in without another Double Warehouse , please note that you will have no gold on the new toon to withdraw any items so get a few copper/silver/gold bars so you are able to take it out and sell it to withdraw the items you want, also better to do this on a server that you don't mind if the characters get deleted as all characters on the server will need to be deleted to swap factions.

there are other ways to trade but unfortunately items can be taken by other characters so i don't recommend them i.e putting on the ah boards to "trade" to another plenty of players have lost items doing this

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