Creath's Theory

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Creath's Theory
Collect 7 Congealed Magic Stones from Crazy Crying Gargoyles
Level and Location
Level Acquired  :24
Quest Location  : Just outside Fedion(Willieoseu)
Monsters and NPCs
Monsters  : Crazy Crying Gargoyles
NPCs Involved  : Creath Queston
Rewards Gained
Experience Gained  : 5810
Gold Awarded  : 18610
Items Gained  : None
Next Quest : Failed Experiment(1)


Creath Queston is found near the Fedion portal(Map 2: Willieoseu)


Creath should look like this:


Quest start:


The Crazy Crying Gargoyles are found just down the hill from the quest starting spot.

After you complete the quest another quest will appear just SE of you. Failed Experiment(1)

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