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Being a well equipped explorer equipped with armor in its tip top shape will give you the most protection in the wilderness. Protect yourself from the savage monsters by taking advantage of the crafting system! Make new armor to replace your outdated and broken armor by talking to a crafting NPC now!

The Crafting System

The crafting system lets you create new items by combining various materials together. The good news is, crafting always succeeds! The crafted item will be added to your inventory once you have provided all the necessary materials. The only catch is that there is a commission that you must pay the NPC for each item they craft for you.

There are Normal Craftsmen and Master Craftsmen. Normal Craftsmen helps you craft normal items with no special effects. On the other hand, there is only one Master Craftsman per town and add a special affect to the normal item crafted by the Regular Craftsmen and also converts it into a more attributed item. Where are these NPCs located and what do they craft? You can find out using this handy dandy chart:

Normal Craftsmen
NPC Name Craft Type Location Examples of Items Crafted
Goldis Metal Craftsman Redise One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, Staff, Helm, Gloves, Boots, Shield, Guard, and Materials
Saepia Robes Craftsman Redise Shirt, and Materials
Sherami Accessory Craftsman Redise Ring
Elkarimos/ Mentagion Alchemist Redise Explosive Spell

Master Craftsmen
NPC Name Craft Type Location Examples of Items Crafted
Pakan Master Craftsman Redise Gloves, Shield, Guard, and Cloak
Pukan Master Craftsman Raden City One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, Staff, Armor, Helm, Boots, Belt, and Materials
Ralph Master Craftsman Ludbeer Town Gloves
Will Master Craftsman Labonia Town Helms
Alto Master Craftsman Baston Town Cloak

There are different types of items you can craft. Here is a detailed rundown of all the different types of items in each category:
Weapon One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, One-handed Lance, Tow-handed Hammer, Staff, and Bow
Armor Armor, Helm, Gloves, Shoes, Shield, Guards, Shirt, and Cloak
Accessory Belt, Ring, Bracelet, Amulet, and Earring
Material Thread, Fabric, Leather, Mold, Catalyst, Abradant, and Metal
Other Explosive Spell

Crafting Interface

  • Item: Here you can select which specific types/categories of crafting items to look at. You can select between All, Weapon, Armor, Accessory, and Other.
  • Crafting List: This list shows you the different types of items you can craft. It is grouped for easy viewing into three levels. In the first level, you can select the major type (Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Material) to craft. After you have selected that, the list will expand for you to select the different types of items in that category (for example, after choosing Weapon, you will see One-handed Sword, Staff, Helm, etc.) Lastly, the third level expands for you to choose the specific item of that category (for example, after choosing One-handed Sword, you will see Iron Long sword, Dead Man's Long Sword, etc.)
  • Materials: Displays the essential materials and the quantity necessary to craft the selected item. If you have enough of the specific material it will display that material in white. If you do not have enough of that material, it will display it in red.
  • Result: Displays the result after you have given the Crafting NPC all the materials and shows you details of the resulting item.
  • Commission Fee: The price for the item crafting service will vary by the item type and level. It item will not be crafted when the character's Florin is over the commission fee.
  • Florin Amount: Displays the amount of Florin you have.
  • Crafting Quantity: The first number displays the number of items will craft. The second number displays the total number of items you can craft with the amount of materials you currently have. You can adjust the amount you want to craft by clicking on the arrows.
  • Craft All: Pressing this button will let you craft multiple items at one time.
  • Craft: Pressing this item will let you craft one item at a time.
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