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For a list of Eden Eternal Costumes see,Costume Index

For Costume previews or Archive Previews see, EE Archive Costume Preveiw



Players may decorate their characters with Costumes. These costumes cover Class Outfits, Face, Head, Back, Mouth, and Weapon.

Costumes may be Archived.

Costumes may give a player boost/stat.

  • Each boost/stat are categorized by Normal, Alpha, Prime, or Legendary

Please Note: Normal Costumes give no boost/stat and may be for aesthetic purpose only.

To equip a Costume, right-click the Item.

Please Note: Once a costume has been equipped, it is bound to the players account.

Costume Preview and Concealing Costumes

To preview a Costume, Left Click the costume.

  • By Left clicking, it will bring up a window of the players character.

Please Note: Players may use this preview option for other Items.

To conceal a costume piece, and still receive the boost/stat, Press C via keyboard or click the EE_int_menu_char.jpg icon via in-game Menu.

From there, the player may see the costume Icons.

Each visible Costume piece will have a socket under the Icon. This will allow the player to turn on or off the visibility.


To conceal a costume piece, click the socket under the desired costume peice.


Obtaining Costumes and Costume Types

Costumes may be obtained through the Eden Eternal Item Mall, through Alpaca Mystery Capsules, Crystal Altar, through Arena Warrior Chests, Events, or even through Personalized Quests.

For a guide on obtaining Alpaca Mystery Capsules see, EE Alpaca Capsule Guide

Some Costumes may be traded or sold between players.

Like Class Outfits, body costumes pertain to each Gender.

  • Male Costumes may be worn by; Male Halfkin, Male Human, Zumi, Anuran, and Ursun.
  • Female Costumes may be worn by; Female Halfkin and Female Human.

Costume boost/stat

Please note: Alpha Costumes will give +1 , +2, or +5, while Prime will give +2.5, +5 or +10, meanwhile Legendary +3.5, +10 or +15 and might or might not be boosted by extra % stats depending on Costume.

Weapon Costumes when equipped give: + ATK, M-ATK, G-Healing %.

Head Costumes when equipped give: - MP Cost

Mouth Costumes when equipped give: + Max Mp and Hp %.

Back Costumes when equipped give: + Crit, M-Crit &.

Face Costumes when equipped give: - MP Cost

Body Costumes when equipped give : + Max Mp and Hp %.

Note: there is slight alteration on Legendary costumes

Dying Costumes

For more information on Dyes and Dye types see, Dye.

Like Class Outfits some Costumes may be dyed. Weapon costumes may not be dyed.

Please Note: Only costumes indicated by a star may be dyed.

  • Costumes with a star are mostly Prime or Legendary costumes.
  • Most dyeable costumes are indicated by a 'Mysterious' title. Please note not all dyeable costumes will have this title, but will be indicated by a star.


Costumes may only be dyed with dyes indicated by a star.


Costume List

For Clothing see, Clothing Costume List

For Weapons see, Weapon Costume List

For Hats and other Head accessories see, Costume Headgear List

For Capes, Wings, and other back accessories see, Backgear Costume List

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