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For more information on Costumes see, Costumes.



  • Costume Head gear are displayed on the players Head, Face, Ears or Mouth.
  • They provide some boost/stat depending on type.
  • They cannot be Enchanted.
  • They cannot be Upgraded.
  • Costume Head gear are unbreakable.
  • Costume Head gear may be displayed differently for each race/gender.

Hats List

Hats are costumes equipped on the players head.

Eye List

Eye fashion are costumes that may cover the eyes or ears.

Mouth List

Mouth fashion are costumes that may cover the mouth.

Event Costume Headgear

Event fashion are costumes obtained during the event.

In-Game Costume Headgear

These Costume Headgear are available in-game. They may be acquired through Quests, Dungeons, or Crystal Cross Shop.

Limited Edition

Fashion only available for a limited time only.

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