Contribution to Forest (REP)

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#Kill worms on the map to collect 9 Dark Worm Hairs.

Quest Text
"I think the entire Gaia Woodlands should be swarmed by worms now."

"Who would've known one Gaia's tree falls ill, the entire forest seems to lose control... please help kill more pests."

"Take dark hair of pests back to prove your work for forest, you don't have to worry about getting a reward."

"In the name of Ilya!"

Reward Text
"Although killing pests is not solving it at the root, it's the only way until a cure for Gaia's illness is found."

"For now just reduce number of pests as much as possible, so it doesn't keep getting worse."

Post-Quest Text
You give worm hair to Randall.

"Young <class>, please accept these rewards! You deserve them." Randall bows to you deeply.

"Hopefully your effort can slow down damage on forest caused by worms, we look forward to recovery of Gaia's tree."

Suggested Level: 58
Start: Randall, Gaia Woodlands
(x: 148, y: 213)
Finish: Randall, Gaia Woodlands
(x: 148, y: 213)
  • Level: 57
  • Other: Must be below Level 61
  • 3 gold.png 91 silver.png 90 copper.png
  • Exp: 130,659
Choose From:
Quest Chain:

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