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Key Explanation Key Explanation
ESC Cancel / Option P Toggle Shortcut Window
F1 ~ F8 Select Party member V Toggle Mini Map
F10 Change view (1st person / 3rd person) M Toggle Map
F11 HUD Toggle Tab Run / Walk
`/~ Change Target Backspace Previous Target
W Forward (double: continue run)
1 ~ 0 Shortcut Window Usage S Reverse (double: dodge back)
T Status Window A Left
U Quest Window D Right
I Inventory Window Q Diagonal left (double: dodge left)
O Option Window E Diagonal right (double: dodge right)
G Guild Window F Party member assist Mode (select Party member)
K Skill Window B Emotes Skill Window
H Toggle Coordinates +/- Shortcut Window Page up / down
L Toggle Light Effect Space Bar Jump

Additional Keyboard Control Method

Key Explanation Key Explanation
Arrow Keys Change 3rd person camera angle End Character forward/reverse point of view
Page Up Zoom in Page Down Zoom out
Number Pad +/- Shortcut Window Add / Delete Print Screen Take screen shot


Key Explanation Key Explanation
Left Click Basic travel/select/attack/action Right Click Point of view change with moves in click status.
Wheel Zoom in/out

Note: UK Keyboards Targeting:

  • ¬ cycles enemy targets in range (the key to the left of your 1 key) (Note: in pvp maps this will also target friendly NPCs)

Movement Notes

Movement within the world of Shaiya is very simple. To move your character to a location you have several options:

Option 1: Mouse Movement

Point and Click method. Simply click on a location you wish your character to run to and they will. Hold down the right mouse button to look around the world. You can also do this using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Option 2: Mouse and Keyboard Movement

You can use a combination of mouse and keyboard (good old fps style), holding down your W to move forward and steering by holding down your right mouse button.

Option 3: Keyboard Movement

You can use just the keyboard for movement, see the hotkey descriptions at the top of the page.

Other Hotkeys/Commands

  • $ Switches your chat mode to the Trade Channel (must be level 10 or higher to use)
  • Stuck and Teleport to Town: If you ever get stuck or want to be instantly transported to the nearest City, simply type /return or /town into your chat window and press Enter.
  • /Yell Your chat shows up in red to players in the vicinity

Party/Group Commands

  • /party <name> Invites the person you entered where <name> is.



1. Player's Status Window: Displays Character Name, Level, Current HP, Current MP, and Stamina.

2. Target Bar: Displays the target's health, elemental icon, name and colour.

3. Buff/Debuff Check: Displays the Buff and Debuff spells that have been used on your character.

4. Hotkey Bar: Emotes, Basic Behaviors, Skills, Magic and Consumable items may be dragged into the Hotkey Slots and activated using the 1~0 keys. Pressing the + button on the Hotkey bar will add a second Bar to the player HUD (These slots are activated using the NumPad 1~0 keys). Pressing the Arrow button will reorient the Hotkey Bar from Vertical to Horizontal. Press P to disable.

5. Character Name: Player’s Character Name. Identity Code or Rank may appear at the sides of the name while in a Party or in PVP mode.

6. Mini Map: Indicates Enemy Locations, NPCs, Quests and Quest Rewards. Clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ will zoom in and out. Clicking on the parchment paper (Shortcut M) will bring up the Mini Map of the entire realm. Press V to disable it.

7. Function Buttons (From left to right): Shop, Status, Inventory, Assistant Skill, Quest, Community, Options.

8. Blessing Bar: This displays the amount of goddess blessing your faction has earned.

9. Experience Bar: Displays the amount of experience points earned in the form of a percentage.

10. Console: Displays game related messages. Damage done/received, items picked up, experience earned, quest status, player deaths/kills, items used, screen shots taken, etc.

11. Chat Box: Displays the local, party, guild and trade chat channels.

Content provided by Aeria Games and edited by MagicalChris.

Revolver Bar

New addition to AGE Shaiya, Oct 21, 2009

The Revolver bar allows you to set up skills so they can be used in rotation, one after the other. In it's initial configuration the Revolver has only three slots, but can be expanded so as to sequence up to six skills, though only three will be visible at any given time. Additionally, up to four different Revolvers can be configured. These extra Revolvers can be selected by using Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, and Alt+4. The Revolver bar number is displayed on the left hand side.

25g70py.jpg The Number is which Revolver bar is currently displayed
The Circular Arrow allows you to orient the bar either vertically or horizontally
The R Button (between Circle n Y) resets the Revolver to its Start Action, as does pressing Alt-R
The Y button opens the configuration area to add / remove skills or slots.
The < and > at the top allow you to select which skill is currently keyed to R

After clicking on the Y button, the Revolver can now be configured for number of slots present.

ix9fkm.jpg The + adds slots, the - removes them

Once you have the number of slots for that particular bar set, you can now add the skills to it.

344xfmt.jpg Simply drag and drop skills in the configuration slots just as you would for the normal hot-key bars
Once all the skills are in place, click Y again to close the configuration slots
2lucal3.jpg To use the current skill in the Revolver bar, simply press R.
The current skill will be used and the next skill in line will be advanced so that it is now keyed to R.

The revolver bar will stop once it hits an empty space and the smallest configuration is 3 slots. But what if you only want to queue up two skills ? The simplest solution is to expand the bar to four slots and fill the four slots with the two skills you wish to use alternating them ( i.e. Skill 1 / Skill 2 / Skill 1 / Skill 2 ).

Z / X Bar

New addition to AGE Shaiya, Oct 21, 2009

9u0z8n.jpgThis bar is for potions only, freeing up to two spaces on another hot-key bar
Just drag-n-drop your potions here as you would have done for the regular hot-key bars
2lo0nfc.jpgJust tap Z or X to use the new hot-keys
Once a slot empties, the Z / X Bar will automatically restock that slot with the same potion, if you have any

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