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Comodo Internet Security


To allow Comodo Internet Security to play Shaiya set both Firewall and Defense+ to Training mode.




If you get forced restarts, BSOD's, or crashes you will need to set Comodo Defense+ to disable permanently.

To do it without restarting:

  1. Open "Defense+ settings" (Defense+ - Advanced - Defense+ Settings).
  2. Check "Deactivate the Defense+ permanently".
  3. Press "Apply" but when prompted to restart the computer press "No".
  4. Then reverse the process by unchecking "Deactivate the Defense+ permanently" without restarting the computer by pressing "No" again.

To Disable Defense+ Permanently:

  1. Goto "Defense+->Advanced->Defense+ Settings"
  2. Select "Deactivate the D+ permanently" checkbox
  3. Press Apply and restart your PC

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