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Place for you to meet and date friends next door or from the other end of the world! Express your feeling openly and you may get a real shot at happiness!


Users’ information: It shows the users’ information of the players you clicked. Name: It shows player’s name. League: It shows guild’s name. Level: It shows the player's level Rank: It shows player’s rank. Glory: It shows player’s glory. Marital status:It shows player’s marital status. Self-introduction: It shows player’s personal introduction. Propose: Click propose button to propose this player. Dialogue: Click chatting button to whisper this player. View Equipment: Check out all the gear the player has equipped. Add Buddy: Add this player to your buddy list.

Male: Check all the male players in the community. Female: Check all the female players in the community.

Search: Search for certain players using their name Register/Edit: Click to register/edit your personal information in the community.

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