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The best part about Dragon Knights is that it's a massive multiplayer game that involves so many interesting people. This means that in order to gain the most out of your experiance with the game you will want to interact with the community. Besides, who wants to siege a castle by themselves? In order for you to gain the full experiance of Dragon Knights we thoroughly encourage you to meet, mingle and befriend the players around you. The following information will help you understand the mechanics of chatting and keep in touch with your friends.

In the world of Dragon Knights, chatting is divided into five different channels. This is done so you can focus on a particular conversation or you can see all the conversations as they're happening. The channels are broken down into; General, Party, Guild, Class and System.

Keys Action
 General: Activates the General chat window, allowing your message to be seen within a 50-meter radius of you.
 Party: Activates the Party chat window, allowing you to speak only to your party members.
 Guild: Activates the Guild chat window, allowing you to speak only to your fellow guild members.
 Class: This allows you to chat with users of the same class as you.
 System: This tab will show the game and operator system messages.
 Whisper: This lets you to speak to someone directly, allowing for one-to-one chatting.
 Alliance: This lets you speak only to the players in your alliance.
 Union: This allows you to speak only to the players in your union.
 Notification: This method of speaking to your party is only available for the party leader.
 Megaphone: Players can use the megaphone to shout to the entire world map.
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