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Name: Come Back

Level: 35

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Book

Activation: Receive from Book: Doomed Love. Requires completion of Marriage Issues.

Legend: Valley of Kings Legend: Doomed Love

-Book: Doomed Love-

Chapter 3: Come Back
That day the alchemist had told the wife the ingredient she needed to gather. It was a special flower that could only be found at the pond in the Valley of Kings.
However, the location indicated by the alchemist was populated by ferocious monsters. Lots of local people got injured or even killed by traveling to that area.
The man blamed the alchemist for advising a woman to travel to such a dreadful place.
Without hearing the alchemist's explanation, he rushed out to the pond. He was in desperate haste. On his way he kept praying that his wife would be safe. Tears dropped from his eyes as he prayed.
- Complete the quest to continue reading.


-Book: Doomed Love-

At the pond, he didn't stop to take a rest. He was breathing heavily, but continued his search.
Finally he found his wife lying beside some shrubs. He came close, discovering bloodstains on the ground. His wife was already cold and lifeless.
He shook his wife by holding her shoulders. He tried to wake her up. However, he was just too late.
In her hand, the wife was holding a flower with an unusual shape. She was holding it firmly like something as precious as her life. That was just the ingredient mentioned by the alchemist.
He held the corpse of his wife, and was completely stricken. He cried in grieves and regrets.
Rain started to fall from the sky. It felt like the sky was crying with him.


-Book: Doomed Love-

That night, the villagers discovered the Vanguard was missing. From the alchemist, the elder had a thorough idea about what had happened.
The elder dispatched several village guards to search for the Vanguard. Every one of them couldn't hold back their tears when they had finally found the Vanguard.
His body was covered by scars. It was apparent that he died for protecting the corpse of his wife. He was still holding his wife firmly, wanting to guard her even in death.
That day was the 1 year anniversary of their marriage.
The End.
By Collins
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