Demon Judge

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judge.jpg Demon Judge


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 16 (+1.6 per lvl)
Agility 15 (+1.5 per lvl)
Intelligence 30 (+3 per lvl)
Attack 47 - 54
Attack Spd 115
Attack Range 900 (Ranged)
Defense 3
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 425


Black Crow

Summons a crow to attack enemies up to 5 times. The damage takes effect after crow dies.


Spirit Call

Instantly kill a unit, decrease cooldowns by 10 seconds if you use this skill on other enemies, decrease their Movement Speed for 8 seconds and gain part of Health lost.


Blood Curse

Trigger an explosion, damaging and stunning nearby enemies when there is death within a range of 1200.


Order of Exection

Target will at receive a certain amount of damage over a period of time. When received damage is sufficient, more damage taken.


Origin Story


The Harbingers are not known for their respectful attitudes, civil obedience, or altruistic nature. In fact, they are infamous for cutthroat attitudes, bloodthirsty feuds, and a love of mayhem. But, with every society, there must be some order; some arbiter of justice. That heavy burden falls on the Demon Judge. The title of Demon Judge is familial; passed from Father to Son. For as long as history has recorded, each generation has trained the next in the arcane methods of doling out final justice to an otherwise lawless society.

Transitioning power from Father to Son is a brutal process. First, when the son is deemed ready to receive the title, he leaves behind his previous name and is called only by his new moniker: Demon Judge. After fully mastering the spells and mystic skills required to restrain criminal Harbingers, the Demon Judge must then take power into his own hands and prove that no one is above his new rule. He does this by judging each of his own Father’s lifetime rulings. For his final trial, the son must carry out the verdict of his father, whether it’s amputation, banishment, or worse. Newly ascended Demon Judges usually struggle most with this part of the transition, but not the current Demon Judge. In his eyes, the only verdict is death.

The callous, merciless ruling of execution for his own Father set a violent precedent for all his future rulings. The Harbingers both fear and respect his brutal justice. So swift and decisive are his verdicts that he swept through the entire population of criminals in record time. As each criminal meekly approached court of the Demon Judge, he slammed his gavel and coldly shouted “Death!” or “Torture, then Death!” before they could muster so much as a sentence of defense. Some say the Titans, out of pure fear of his growing bloodthirsty power, split the world in two and opened up a chasm, freeing the Harbingers from below the ground. The Harbingers overflowed with bloodlust as they spilled out the new world, ripe for their conquering. Demon Judge laughed with maniacal glee at the thought of judging the Guardian people for their untold crimes.

Now as he enters the battlefield, his opponents fear the verdict laid before them by Demon Judge.



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