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gadgetmeistericon1.png Gadgetmeister


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 23 (+2.5 per lvl)
Agility 26 (+2.6 per lvl)
Intelligence 14 (+1.5 per lvl)
Attack 50 - 61
Attack Spd 114
Attack Range 270 (Meele)
Defense 5
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 435



Spawn image of enemy next to them. Killing the image damages the host. Lasts 18 seconds.


Force Field

Damages, and forces enemies in a cone to turn around.


Blinding Light

Restore ally unit's Mana and increase their Movement Speed for 20 seconds


Time Bomb

Toss a time bomb at enemies. Explodes after time or target expires. In order to pass, the bomb needs be within 600 range of opponent for over 2 seconds. Half non-lethal damage to ally.


Origin Story


Preferring a life of illusion and trickery, Gadgetmeister has never revealed his true name, nor his home town and familial origins. Despite his enigmatic past, Gadgetmeister is easily recognizable and known by most citizens of the land. People usually notice a glowing wooden box seemingly floating in the air before they meet the diminutive man carrying it on his back. Standing just a few feet off the ground, what Gadgetmeister lacks in stature he more than makes up for with devilish wit and deceit. Possessing no allegiance to any particular town or people, Gadgetmeister makes a comfortable living as a salesman of quality armors, weapons and wartime gadgets, and is usually found among the travelers’ caravans. While not peddling items, Gadgetmeister passes the time by mastering various forms of magic and deception.

Despite his affinity for playful duplicity, kings and warriors alike know to seek out Gadgetmeister for the finest battlefield merchandise. Only vague rumors exist about where he restocks his brilliant wares, and no one has ever fully seen what’s inside of the glowing wooden box -- at least no one still alive. One of the few surviving stories of Gadgetmeister’s puzzling past involves the attempted theft of the box. One night, before he had earned his mischievous moniker (and the respect to go with it), a group of greedy thieves snuck up and tried to snatch the box as Gadgetmeister slept nearby. The thieves were shocked to discover the box’s immense weight, and, despite their eager efforts, were unable to budge it at all. One thief had the fateful idea to open the box and simply take whatever was inside instead. He quietly undid the latches with growing anticipation. As he peered inside... BOOM! A large explosion erupted from the box. When the smoke cleared, the thief was found 20 feet away, burnt entirely to a crisp. The box remained unscathed and firmly in place; Gadgetmeister now sitting at its base, grinning evilly under his hood. As the story of the thief who opened his tricky box traveled across Omeka, so did Gadgetmeister’s reputation as a fearsome figure.

Amid the ensuing confusion and chaos following Omeka’s catastrophic split and the Harbingers’ subsequent emergence from the ground below, Gadgetmeister packed up and headed toward the chasm. No one knows whether he is going to sell his wares to potential buyers or find new toys to collect; and no one dares ask.



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