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esperknight.jpg Aether


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 20 (+1 per lvl)
Agility 20 (+1.8 per lvl)
Intelligence 20 (+2 per lvl)
Attack 47 - 63
Attack Spd 120
Attack Range 900 (Ranged)
Defense 3
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450


Frozen Sword

Fire a long range sword. If range is more than 900, sword energy will stay on target. Skills include three swords: left radian, straight shot, and right radian. Use Z, X, C to fire.



Push enemies away while stepping backward.


Wind Rider

When there is no enemy within 600 range, increase your Movement Speed and Physical Damage every 3 seconds, up to 6 charges. Attacks reduce charges.


Sword Storm

Charge energy up to 3 seconds or click again, then release 7 swords. Damage increases with charge time.


Origin Story


As a young man, Aether’s favorite pastime was proudly challenging the best swordsmen from each village to various contests of prowess. Whether the contest was for quickest disarm, fastest draw or sharpest throw, Aether always won.

One fateful day, Aether entered a new town and found no one to accept his boastful challenges. The villagers told him that word had spread throughout Omeka of a wandering swordsman who was unbeatable. At this news, Aether’s arrogant pride turned to impatient anger. As he loudly cursed the villagers for their cowardice, every sword in the area began to levitate and gather around Aether. Just as Aether hurled a final invective, the swords launched themselves at the frightened villagers. Bewildered by the sudden magical power of his tirade, Aether ran to the wounded villagers, coming first to the body of a small boy on the ground. In his back was Aether’s sword. Aether dropped shamefully to his knees, realizing that his petulant rant had somehow killed this innocent boy. The boy’s father, having just witnessed his son’s death, flew into a grief-stricken rage and pinned Aether to the ground. In the ensuing struggle, the man broke Aether’s arms and clawed his eyes until they bled.

Several hours later, monks from the Frozen Sword Sect found Aether, still lying wounded in the street. They had heard word that the undefeated swordsman of Omeka had caused a commotion in this village. The monks brought Aether back to their monastery to recover from his wounds, both spiritual and physical. His broken bones healed but Aether was permanently blinded. While Aether spent months in shamed solitude, he passed the time by meticulously relearning his prized sword skills, now as a blind man. He also learned to master his newfound arcane abilities.

Hoping to pull Aether from his depression, an elder monk visited Aether. He told him the tragic story of the first Great War; how an untold number of innocent people perished and the once-beautiful land of Omeka was forever scarred by war. The monk explained that an enormous chasm had recently opened in the center of the land, signaling the start of another great war. He challenged Aether to redeem himself by joining a team of Heroes tasked with protecting innocent Guardians against the invasion. The monk’s words galvanized Aether into action. He was eager to atone for his crimes and now more powerful than ever. Thanking the monk for his help, Aether left the monastery in search of the Guardians.



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