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sspirit.jpg Samurai Spirit


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 16 (+1.8 per lvl)
Agility 25 (+2.9 per lvl)
Intelligence 15 (+1.6 per lvl)
Attack 51 - 57
Attack Spd 125
Attack Range 270 (Meele)
Defense 4
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450


Samurai Soul

Release the soul of the Samurai Spirit to damage enemies in its path. It returns after reaching the maximum range. A target can only be hit twice by this attack.


Flowing Step

Steal enemy Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Attack Speed effect lasts 6 seconds, Movement Speed effect lasts 3 seconds


Sword Dance

Steals attack damage from the opponent for 10 secs.


Crimson Fury

Samurai Spirit can send forth the Crimson Fury to a target. The Crimson Fury will chase down the target and cannot be controlled or stopped. Samurai Spirit can choose to merge with the Crimson Fury to gain its power and location on the map.


Origin Story


In his physical life, the fearsome Samurai Spirit was known as General Takeshi, a cunning and ruthless warrior who dedicated his life to the service of his beloved country Argon. Among the varied skills he was taught during his warrior training, Takeshi excelled at tactics and swordsmanship. Takeshi achieved the rite of "Sword Master" by the time he was 7 years old, while most boys did not earn this title until they were at least 11 or 12.

After Emperor Aesunak promoted to Takeshi to Commander of the Army of Argon, all went well in Takeshi’s life. He served his country proudly, fought passionately and with honor, and mastered numerous sacred samurai skills. Then she came... The powerful and mysterious Misrefel arrived at Argon, bringing the scourge of a horrific war. As the two armies battled for victory of Argon, a final conflict arose that went down in history as the Battle at Jiohata.

During the Battle at Jiohata, Takeshi met Misrefel face-to-face with the full scope of the arcane powers he had learned and mastered from childhood on. During the brutal fight, Takeshi fought fiercely to protect his home, his country, and his people. The decisive battle tore the world apart. Overcome with grief and anguish for his country, Takeshi manifested his most powerful Crimson Fury. Blades matched blades. Screams marked screams. Misrefel, overwhelmed with the sudden and mystical attack, lost her advantage, but not before viciously slicing through Takeshi’s weakened body. As his army overtook the last of Misrefel’s minions, Takeshi, mortally wounded by Misrefel’s sword, lay dying on the fields of Jiohata. Summoning all the strength he had left, Takeshi called upon the deepest of the sacred knowledge to save his soul before he spoke his last breath. “I will always protect Argon,” he uttered, as Misrefel approached his bleeding, helpless body and landed a final killing blow.

General Takeshi died at the hands of Misrefel on the fields of Jiohata, but his restless apparition, the Samurai Spirit, lives on, wearing his armor proudly and still protecting Argon's borders.



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