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puapua.jpg Pua Pua


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 16 (+1.8 per lvl)
Agility 25 (+3 per lvl)
Intelligence 18 (+1.4 per lvl)
Attack 48 - 60
Attack Spd 125
Attack Range 780 (Ranged)
Defense 5
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 445


Hidden Poison

Pua-Pua fires a poisonous needle that stuns and damage an enemy after a short duration.



Pua-Pua becomes invisible and remains invisible upon moving equal to time spent idle.


Sneak Attack

If target does not attack Pua-Pua within 3 seconds of being attacked, Pua-Pua's attacks cause extra damage. Active: Next 3 attacks have double the passive effect.


Shaman King's Curse

Pua-Pua is afflicted by the curse of the Shaman King, transforming him into a powerful warrior for 25 seconds.


Origin Story


Pua Pua is the son of a powerful Voodoo King from the isolated tribe of Baroa. Nestled deep in the heart of the Omekan jungle, the Baroan take pride in their peaceful settlement. It was not always this way – neighboring beastmen and rival tribes alike engaged the Baroan in battle, only to quickly withdraw after encountering the undefeated Voodoo King. Because his magnificent power rapidly aged his body, the Voodoo King’s formidable strength vastly diminished over time. Wanting to keep the Boroan protected, the Voodoo King focused his remaining life on teaching Pua Pua how to defend the village.

In the first step of Pua Pua’s mystical training, his father imparted the sacred apothecary knowledge required to create a range of deadly poisons. Next, through the disciplined practice of his father’s sharpened hunting techniques, Pua Pua learned to fell any prey. While out on a hunt one day, the young warrior-in-training heard a strange sound in the distance. Curious, Pua Pua traced the sound through the jungle, keeping cover among the trees. In a forest clearing, Pua Pua found the frightening source of the commotion. He watched in horror as strange men and creatures he didn’t recognize burned down the jungle and fought violently among themselves. Unbeknownst to him, Pua Pua witnessed the dawn of the Great War. Troubled by his discovery, Pua Pua brought an urgent warning of the trespassers to the village that night.

With looming foreign warriors nearing discovery of their village, the Voodoo King taught Pua Pua his most commanding spell – a transformation into a powerful colossus. Pua Pua feverishly practiced the magic, meticulously repeating each arcane step. Within a few short days, he could take on the Giant’s Form, but could not quite match his father’s former might in such short time. With the sounds of destruction and war drawing closer, the Voodoo King made a difficult choice. In a final noble act, he gathered all his strength and magically sealed off the village from the tumultuous physical realm before finally collapsing. Only Pua Pua remained to defend their beloved jungle, with instructions to summon his tribe once peace returned.

Pua Pua is a monstrous force on the battlefront, passionately fighting for the safety of his villagers and honor of his late father. He still hopes to one day take his father’s place as the Voodoo King and save the jungle he calls his home.



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