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misrefel.jpg Misrefel


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 16 (+1.9 per lvl)
Agility 22 (+3.2 per lvl)
Intelligence 16 (+1.8 per lvl)
Attack 51 - 57
Attack Spd 122
Attack Range 270 (Meele)
Defense 5
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450



Passive: Increases Misrefel's Dodge. Active: Misrefel stuns enemies within a range of 450. The effect's power is based on her number of charges.


Tornado Blades

Misrefel throws her blades together teleporting her to target location and causing damage to enemies in the way. Silences enemies hit by blades for 2 seconds.


Eye for an Eye

When a teammate is killed Misrefel gains the killer's vision. Her attacks also cause extra damage to the killer.


Blade of Vengeance

Misrefel launches her twin blades which track a target dealing considerable damage and slow upon impact.


Origin Story


Misrefel was born in the western region of Omeka as the only daughter of Kanth the Conqueror. Her father ruled her homeland with an iron fist and expected Misrefel to become a proper Princess. She received schooling for arts, music, languages and other respectable subjects in accordance with a traditional Princess upbringing. Unfortunately for Kanth, Misrefel had other ideas for her future.

As a teenager, a rebellious Misrefel convinced her father’s Lead Palace Guard to secretly train her in combat. Disguised as a boy to avoid detection, Misrefel learned weapons, advanced cavalry tactics, arcane magic; anything and everything that could make her a stronger and better fighter. During her 15th birthday celebration, Misrefel was expected to announce her favored prospective suitor. Instead, she did the unthinkable. Misrefel took the opportunity to dramatically renounce her allegiance to her father and his empire. Then, before the shocked crowd, Misrefel revealed her secretly acquired advanced combat knowledge by commandeering ten of her father's best troops. Declaring her plans to rule her own empire, she rode off into the mountains before anyone could stop her.

Misrefel used her newfound freedom to openly master the art of war. Rumors of a new, violent princess-turned-warrior spread across Omeka, until she was finally caught by her father’s armies four years later. Despite Misrefel’s powerful resistance, the clansmen managed to capture her and forced Misrefel to return and face her furious father. Lord Kanth harbored no forgiveness for his rebellious daughter and left Misrefel to be beaten and punished by his most brutal warriors for her betrayal. As she recovered from the beating in the palace dungeon, Misrefel vowed never to be captured again. Three days later, after regaining her strength, Misrefel callously killed her own father before bathing the rest of the palace in blood. Misrefel created a new empire, forged by her vengeance and reorganized to become a predominant power in Omeka.

As the new commander of western Omeka, Misrefel’s reputation grew to overshadow even her father’s infamy as she led multiple savage campaigns to bring the bordering city-states to heel. Renowned throughout the region as one of Omeka’s most relentless and merciless battle commanders, Misrefel's last campaign took her armies toward a newly formed chasm in the center of Omeka…



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