Flame Wing

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flamewing.jpg Flame Wing


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 17 (+1.8 per lvl)
Agility 23 (+3 per lvl)
Intelligence 17 (+1.7 per lvl)
Attack 49 - 58
Attack Spd 122
Attack Range 900 (Ranged)
Defense 3
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450


Flame Wall

A rain of arrows from the sky turn into a wall of flame. Enemies that pass through it take damage and are slowed by 20% for 6 seconds. Effect is not stackable.


Stunning Shot

Fires a special arrow. The target hit by the arrow is stunned for a short amount of time. They also receive a Defense penalty, and you obtain their vision. Lasts for 15 seconds.


Burning Arrow

Shoots a burning arrow into the sky. Enhances Flame Wing's Physical Damage. Lasts for 30 seconds.


Piercing Barrage

Fire a barrage of shots that can penetrate enemies. You cannot move while using this skill. Click on the ground to control the direction. Cancelling this skill takes 1 second


Origin Story


Hunter and Falconer Flame Wing lived in a small village in the highest, most remote peaks of Omeka. The people of his village were proud clans of hunters, renowned for their animal husbandry skills and as breeders of the rare Fire Feather Falcon. Flame Wing was a skilled survivalist and specialist in carnivorous birds. Most of his time was dedicated to the hunt, pursuing vast creatures deep within the crevices of the mountain range.

One day, near the region’s largest active volcano, Flame Wing was pursuing what he thought might be an actual dragon. Near the fuming volcano’s lava bubbling pools, Flame Wing finally spotted the dragon, fighting headwinds while it flapped its extremely long, leathery wings toward the volcano. Flame Wing knew the dangers of approaching such a fearsome creature, but didn't care. He knew if he could capture and train an actual dragon, he could go down in legend as the best bowman, hunter and bird trainer in the entire country.

He fired off one shot, and, despite the considerable range, nailed the dragon's wing. The dragon let out a mighty roar, leaped high in the sky, then dropped and landed just feet in front of Flame Wing. To Flame Wing's sheer surprise, the dragon began to speak with a slow, rasping voice. He commended Flame Wing for his superior skill with the bow, then the dragon manifested a gift of a huge pair of magical wings, unbreakable armor, and a giant hunting bow. Before Flame Wing could thank the dragon, it leaped off the ground and flew away over the volcano’s peak.

Flame Wing returned to his village that day with white steel armor colored Fire Feather Falcon red, sporting monstrous wings, and carrying a red and white bow taller than his armor. Today he wanders the land, sharpening his hunting skills and always searching for the dragon who gave him his arcane gifts.



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