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abraxasIcon1.jpg Abraxas


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 23 (+2.6 per lvl)
Agility 17 (+2 per lvl)
Intelligence 13 (+1.6 per lvl)
Attack 49 - 59
Attack Spd 117
Attack Range 270 (Meele)
Defense 4
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450


Mighty Throw

Causes damage and stuns enemies in a path.



Increase Physical Damage based on your total Health, up to 100%


Battle Cry

Increases nearby heroes Movement and Attack Speeds, for 8 seconds. Range 750/900/1050/1200



Gain vision, cause damage and lower Defense and Magic Resist of an enemy. Increase an ally's Defense and Magic Resist and restore their Health.


Origin Story


Abraxas stands out in the lineup of Harbinger heroes not only because of the four muscular arms and massive spiked tail protruding from his giant, orange body, but also for his reputation as an undefeated contender in the competitive fighting circuit known as the Arena. The infamous Harbinger Arena pits top warriors head to head solely for the entertainment of paying spectators.

Abraxas credits his heavy-handed combat prowess to having had no real home as a child, nor any memory of one. He spent most of his early life wandering the streets of large cities, begging for food from strangers. As a teenager, Abraxas’ best method of survival was to pick out local school-aged boys for quick fights, then steal their lunch money to buy scraps of food. It wasn’t glamorous, but it kept him fed.

One cold winter day, Abraxas lay napping in an alley when a group of older boys recognized him and hatched a plan to steal back their lunch money. The boys snuck up on Abraxas for an ambush, but before they could launch their attack, Abraxas awoke in a fury. The fight, involving all four of Abraxas’ arms, took less than a minute. In that time, Abraxas single-handedly defeated the 5 boys, sending them running away in tears. Uninjured, Abraxas settled back down on the street, checking his pockets for the scraps of food he had saved for dinner. Unknown to Abraxas, a man named Bathirm, the unscrupulous Battle Master for the Harbinger Arena, happened to watch the whole fight from across the street. Impressed, Bathirm approached Abraxas after the fight and eagerly offered him the opportunity to become an Arena Warrior. Winning warriors in the Arena grew rich and famous, while the losers were quickly forgotten. It was a rough life, but it was better than living on the streets. Abraxas agreed immediately.

Thanks to his four powerful arms and his superior combat skills developed from a life of fighting, Abraxas quickly shot to the top of the Arena leaderboard. His method of wielding a shield and 3 swords against opponents was a particular crowd-pleaser. After a few years, he hit his fighting prime, eventually shattering the record for longest undefeated streak. Abraxas’ undefeated record still stands at 257 matches.

Abraxas was nearing retirement as a famed Arena warrior when the world was split in two, opening the Underworld to the unknown land above. The Harbinger Army called for the best fighters in the region, and Abraxas eagerly joined. Fighting was in his blood, and as a Harbinger Hero he would finally once again be able to use his perfectly honed battle skills for more than sport.



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