Sealed Beast

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beast.jpg Sealed Beast


Base Stats

Stat Amount
Strength 25 (+3 per lvl)
Agility 18 (+1.7 per lvl)
Intelligence 20 (+1.7 per lvl)
Attack 55 - 61
Attack Spd 118
Attack Range 270
Defense 5
Magic Resist 3
Movement Spd 450


Iron Skin

Grants magic immunity for 8 seconds, also slows Sealed Beast's movement speed. Removed after a certain amount of dmg is taken.


Flying Leap

Charges strength to take a leap, press W again to release and jump, stuns all targets near your landing location.


Bloodthirsty Rending

Absorbs part of an enemy's hp when you attack them.


Binding Chains

Bind nearby heroes in a chain. Allies movement speed is equal to highest ally's movement speed. Enemies Movement Speed is equal their lowest. The chain will break with an enemy if they run out of a range of 1500.


Origin Story


Every thriving metropolis harbors a seedy part of town, where worried Moms warn their school-aged kids about and where no one has a moral excuse to wander through at night. Omeka’s capitol city is no different; the northeastern industrial neighborhood known to locals as ‘the Docks’ has existed as an eye sore on the capitol city’s polished exterior for decades. Largely forsaken by the guards and city managers years ago, the Docks are a gritty network of construction factories and shipping ports that run along the Milken River. Years of pollution violations painted the Docks with a darkened layer of slime and unnatural steam.

Sealed Beast is one of few creatures to survive in the urban labyrinth of stone and despair for any stretch of time. Unsure of his true origins and real name, his earliest memories involve the brutal death of his family by city guards. A snitch had lied to save his skin and claimed Sealed Beast’s family were traitors to the city. The guards came at night and grabbed the entire family, but missed Sealed Beast. The family was executed without a trial and the man who lied set free. Sealed Beast grew a hardened heart in the years that followed, living a lonely, nocturnal existence beneath the most crime-ridden streets of Omeka’s capitol.

His dangerous day-to-day life in the Docks gave Sealed Beast ample opportunity to sharpen his magical defensive skills. He learned he could harden his skin to the strength of iron in a flash, which could easily deflect arrows and knives. His fearsome, scaly appearance and reputation for attacking passersby on sight taught even the most brutal criminals to avoid the general vicinity of the Sealed Beast’s sewer home.

Eventually, Sealed Beast learned of the looming Great War facing Omeka once again. After pondering his decision for weeks in the confines of his sewer cave, he sought out the Harbinger army hoping to exact revenge for all the wrongs that the Guardians did to him. On the battlefield he is always the first into the fight allowing him to get surrounded by his Guardian enemies and to look them all up close. People say that an animal is most dangerous when cornered…in Sealed Beast’s case they were right.

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