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Group: Novice > Acolyte > Priest > Cleric / Sage > Prophet / Mystic


Cleric is a Full Support (Healing and Buffing) class which Priest can advance to when they turn Lv 30. Clerics can advance into Prophet at Lv.65.


Becoming a Cleric


  • Fear AoE - Once you obtain level40, you obtain a, "Click to cast," AoE that inflicts, "Fear," Status, immobilizing and rendering opponent useless for a short time.
  • Healing Ability - Clerics have the best healing spells and abilities of all classes, so no dependability on pots.
  • High Defense - Once you're a cleric, your defense will be second compared to Paladins due to the ability of wearing a shield. Your equipments' defense will be improved as well.
  • Integral in Dungeon Parties - High level instances/dungeons requires a good supporter for runs. You have buffs that players need and heals that have been improved for better healing efficiency.
  • Fast Casting Speed - Clerics' Orange Equipments give Casting Speed bonuses that helps in healing.
  • Pivotal in Arena - Able to turn the tides in Arena with your wide range of skills and debuffs.


  • Slow Kills - You will find that you grind slower than other classes due to the lack of attacking skills and damage output.
  • Lack of Grinding Parties - Due to slow kills, you are not commonly wanted in grinding parties.
  • High Mana Usage - High level skills have high Mana costs.





  • No Ancient Talents Listed

Mastery System

  • No Mythic

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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