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Chat Box

As you may have assumed, this is for chatting! Our chat is strictly PG-13.


To open up the chat in Battle, press ENTER while playing!


Available Chats options:

Current - Sends to everyone else in the World Chat screen, or if you're in battle, to everyone you're battling!
League - Sends the message to everyone in your League!
Private - Where your messages go when speaking to someone in PMs!
Team - Message only members on your team during fights!
Trumpet/Horn - Message everyone on your server

Left-Side Chat Menu options:

Lock - Locks your chat to the current channel you have selected and makes the chat window backing disappear.
Clear Screen (C) - Removes all chat from your window
Scroll Up/Down - Moves your chat up and down so you can see past messages
Bottom - Moves your screen to the most recent message

Bottom Chat Window Options:

Button left of chat - Displays current chat (also lets you select another chat) and chat type shortcuts.
Buddy List - Displays buddies and league mates online/offline.
Short Reply - Short auto-replies with pre-made lines.
Emoticons - Only available in battle. Shows fun little animations!

Whispering other players:

If you ever find yourself needing to speak to someone privately while in-game, we offer several different methods to "whisper" other players.

You can simply click on the name of the player you wish to whisper to in the world chat. Click on your chat options, select "Private" and manually add the players name to whisper Add the friend as a buddy and use the buddy window to whisper them

You can find out more details about how to whisper someone by following this guide:

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