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In Lime Odyssey, chatting is divided up into five different channels, so you can focus the conversation and talk to the people you want to hear from. You may select them by using the chat commands listed below, or clicking on the icon above the chat window as displayed in the picture.

  • All: This is the channel that displays all channels. With this channel selected, you won't miss a thing - but when the chat gets active it may move very quickly.
  • Common: This is the local chat channel. If you are looking for someone in your zone to answer a quick question - this is your choice.
  • Party: This is a private chat for you and whoever is in your party.
  • Trade: This is a chat specifically for trading items/armors/weapons in.

Tabs not showing but that can be enabled:

  • Guild: This is a private chat for you and any players in your guild.
  • Whisper: This is a private chat for you and one other player.
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