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When you log into the game, before you can play, you need to create your character. With Grand Fantasia you can have 3 characters on each server totaling to 6 characters overall per account.

Character Screen

After you hit create a character, you will be taken to the character creation screen(see below). This is where you will work your magic and use the options that the game gives you to alter the appearance of your character. As you alter different aspects of the character's appearance, they will show on the character model in the center of the screen


There are two arrows at the bottom of the screen for character rotation. This allows you to see all angles of your character before you get in game! You can also left-click and drag the mouse to rotate the camera view.

Creative Options

Although the options are few, they do give you a good variety to customize your character


Name ~ obviously this is where you put the name you want to use for your character.

  • If you delete a character that is above lvl 10 and hope to reuse the name immediately, you can't. There is a 30 day period before you can reuse the name (if someone else hasn't grabbed it before you do)

Gender ~ pick if your character will be a male or female.
Eyes ~ use the arrows to go through the various styles of eyes to give your character.
Iris ~ use the arrows to go through and see the different colors of the eyes to choose for your character.
Hair ~ use the arrows to choose the hairstyle you want for your character.
Color ~ use the arrows to choose the color you would like the hairstyle you just choose to be.
Skin ~ use the arrows to choose the skin color of your character
Style ~ if your adventurous or can't decide on how to make your character look, you can click the Random button and it will bring up a random collection of options. If you don't like the first one, click random again until you are happy.

  • In the top left of the screen the current server and channel is displayed (In our case, Bodor channel 3). channel and server are selected after you first log in to the game client.
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