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Your Character is the basis of everything you do within the game Eden Eternal. It is your avatar to interact with NPCs and all activities in this virtual world. The level of your character is the over-all experience you have earned and how much you have grown during your adventures. Character level is calculated for many things including when quests can be accessed, when certain areas can be accessed, and when specific classes are open for transformation.



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Races, unlike Classes, have no level limit and are actually what you choose in order to start your experience gaining. So far there are no known races that increase your character experience gained.


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Classes are based on both character and class level for a majority of them. All of the first classes in each class type only require a character level. The Bard, a tier two class, is the only other class that only requires your character to meet a prerequisite level.


Main Article: Quests

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Quests are the major source of your character experience and offer a greater understanding of the story and over-all mechanics of the game. As you progress, quests will become much more difficult. One great thing the developers have done is make a very gradual rise in difficulty. So quests will become harder in appropriate manners.


  • The maximum character level in Closed Beta was 40, meaning 5 classes were not available
  • The maximum character level in Open Beta will be 50, opening 2 new classes
  • In around mid-August there will be an update increasing the level cap to 55
  • In closed beta, Dinos were the main source of character experience from levels 37 to 40
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