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Getting Started

Welcome to Monster Paradise!

Let's begin by explaining the basics. Trainers are the lucky few that have the ability to use monsters to Quest, Battle, and Capture other monsters.
All monsters and trainers in Monster Paradise have an element. Your chosen element gives you a bonus when attacking with monsters of the same type.
Your element determines the type of monster you start with. Choose wisely! This cannot be changed later.

Starting Monsters


Element: Fire
HP: 380
ATK: 950
DEF: 750

Ember is light and fast making her great at delivering quick, powerful attacks.


Element: Water
HP: 500
ATK: 710
DEF: 990

Dia is strong and tough allowing him to withstand the heaviest hits.


Element: Wind
HP: 420
ATK: 870
DEF: 830

Zephyr provides balance by keeping his guard up while looking for opportunities to make crippling attacks.

Character Creation


Once you have selected your element and gender, enter your name and the Invite ID of the player that referred you to Monster Paradise, if any.

Daily Bonus


Remember, training takes dedication. Check back each day to receive extra potions, gold, and other rewards, and to continue to train your monster.

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