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Once you have downloaded Lime Odyssey, the next step is to log in and create your character. Your game account information is the same account that you use for the forums and website.

Once you have logged into the game server, the character selection screen will load. Click on Create Character to begin!



Customization Options

There are many ways to stand out in the world of Lime Odyssey, starting with how you create your character. At this first character creation screen, you first select your race, gender, and appearance.

Character Race

Choose from three different playable races: the versatile Humans, bloodthirsty Turga, or diminutive Muris.


There is no class restriction on gender - you can be male or female of any class!


Customize your character by changing their hair style and color, eyes, facial characteristics, skin tone, and more! Does your turga have green cats eyes or are they milky white? Classic brown hair or vibrant pink?

After you confirm your appearance, you will be asked to choose your name, Battle Class and Trade Class.

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