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Once you download and install the Eden Eternal client, you are ready to jump in the game! Simply open the game client and follow these steps to create a character on your Eden Eternal account.



Once the client loads, click Start Game, the player will see the log in screen.

  • Enter the Aeria Games account name and password and click Log In.


Players will then choose a servers to play on.

Character Creation

Once you have logged in, the game will automatically take you to character creation!

In Eden Eternal there are currently five different playable races. At the character creation, players may choose which type they would like to play as.

  • Players may do so by selecting the different icons at the top-right of the screen.


Select a gender then then customize the character's hair style and color, facial features, and skin and eye color by using the left and right arrows on the right-hand menu.

As the player click through different options, the character preview will automatically update to reflect your choices.


  • There's also a random feature generator designed to select random attributes in case the player has difficulty deciding on a look.


Choose the right class for you as you fight your way to becoming an Eternal Guardian.

Once the player has decided on the right look for their character, they may then preview the different classes Eden has to offer.

Please Note: When a player begins they may only choose between Warrior, Thief, Hunter, Cleric or Magician. Other classes are obtainable later.


The player may preview level 60 class outfits by clicking on the class icon.


Heroic Trait

For more information see, Heroic Trait.

Choose a main trait for the character by clicking on an icon.

  • Each trait provides the character with certain bonuses and boosts. As the player clicks different icons, an explanation appears in the text tooltip.


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