Character Build Concepts

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Character Builds Concepts

Most people refer to a simplistic pattern of distributing stats each level (4str 1 dex) in describing their build. There are 2 general problems with this approach. First, it fails to consider your other sources for stat points such as equipment and lapis. Second, it fails to recognize the varrying value of extra stats in early levels vs. late levels.

For instance, in early levels, adding 5 points to str or int, may boost your attack power 5% or 10%, whereas if you are a high level UM, you may need 80-100 extra points in str or int for same 10% boost to attack power. This means that cutting your miss rate from 20% to 12% would have the same benefit as increasing your attack power by 10%.

What are your resources?

Your resources determine how much you can enhance your stat points per level through gear and lapis. A deep pocketbook, or high level character farming high level lapis can determine what gear you can afford, and how you can link it. NMs often can't afford as many dreads or lvl4+ lapis as HMs and UMs, and so the number of lapisable equipment slots, and the quality of lapis that can fill them will vary a lot. KO Nos can speed leveling. If you know you will use regularly, then you will benefit less from adding luc stats into your build than if you will not use KO nos.

Understanding your budget for gear and enhancements is needed for providing a realistically effective build.

what are your goals?

PvE to lvl 40 so you unlock next mode? PvP 1-15? PvP 20-30? Have a friend or 2 you will level with often? All of these have huge impact in what you will be doing. As NM you benefit from parties much more, and in general, should focus on your natural role of damage, healing, or tanking. PvP as HM or UM, you will want stats that help your defense too. For PvE outside of dungeons, mobs hit for fairly little, and so a little bit of rec/defense (3 defense instead of 2 per level) can make a lot of difference in your ability to tank. Dungeon mobs prior to map 4 or special pvp maps hit just a bit harder, and map 4 and pvp map mobs hit much harder, and you will find little help to survivability from 3 defense per level compared to 2.

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