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    Cats_Eye is currently one of the smaller, still growing, guilds. Our guild, for the time being, aims to help those of lower levels or individuals who are new to the game. Our number may seem slightly large at first glance, but the actual community is still small. We have our moments of teasing each other, but the majority of guild members spend most of their time in dungeons, questing, and trials. At this time, we do not participate in Territory Wars, since most members average around Lv30 to Lv59. Age in guild varies, so you may get a mess or two to clean up sometimes, but... what guild doesn't have those moments? Lolz. No social network outside of Eden Eternal at this time, but one may be established in the future.

    Weekend Prime Raffles (sponsored by our leader) are typically held every Sunday. This mini-event is where 2 prime costumes/weapons are put into a drawing for those with X-amount of fame contribution. Two winners will be announced. The amount of fame contribution for raffle will vary, depending on the worth of the item. The higher the cost, the more fame needed.

    Thanks for taking an interest in Cat's Eye~

      xRyoma ... [ Founder ]
      MinJae ... [ Co-Leader ]



    Guild Stats

      Level 4 with Eden Glen/Forest town.
      Established on 05 August 2012.


      Mixed environment with most centering around North America and Europe. English preferred.

    Primary Channel

      Most guild members are found on channels 1, 4, and 6. However, members are free to be in whatever channel they would like.


      We are currently searching for new members~! Contact one of the leaders or officers for an invite.

      ..... ... Lv25 or above preferred, but not completely "required".
      ..... ... Overall friendliness or sociability. Silence is okay, but... we'd like to get to know you.
      ..... ... Helpful individuals who are willing to help answer questions (if they know the answer) or run dungeons, if they're available.
      ..... ... Actively playing on Eden Eternal. In-activeness without a prior notice will result in a kick after 2 weeks have passed.
      ..... ... Mature and respectful players. No begging or whining to the higher ranks. Guild frowns on immature individuals and those who are rude or impatient.

      There is NO requirement for fame contribution to STAY in the guild. However, to be PROMOTED to higher ranks, some fame contribution is necessary.

    Misc Facts

      The name "Cat's Eye" comes from the manga "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles".
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