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Weapons are a character's basic equipment, used to deal damage. There are 14 weapon types in the game, which can be classified either by their basic function (striking weapons, ranged weapons and Support weapons), or by what hands they are used with (either by both, by the right hand or main hand, or by the left hand or off-hand).

Close Combat Ranged Support
One Handed Swords · One Handed Hammers · One Handed Axes]
One Handed Mecha Weapon
Two Handed Swords · Two Handed Hammers · Two Handed Axes
Two Handed Mecha Weapon
Bows · Firearms · Ammo · Heavy Cannons Staves · Relics · Shields


Weapon Visuals

  • Weapons begin to glow at +5!
  • Armor does not glow when fortified.
  • Items with 0 durability cannot be fortified. They must be repaired first (and there's a repair button in the fortification window to make it easy!)
  • When repairing the items there is a chance of Max Durability loss, when the Max Durability get's to 0 you can no longer fortify the item until a Blacksmith Repair Mallet or Greater Blacksmith Repair Mallet is used to restore the Max Durability.
  • Each fortification will give your Weapons extra damage and your Armor extra defense.

The increase of damage / defense is like this:

Fortification Level +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Amount in % 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% 18% 21% 24% 27% 31%
Fortification Level +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 +19 +20
Amount in % 35% 39% 45% 51% 61% 67% 73% 83% 88% 98%

--Okaton 03:28, 27 July 2015 (EDT)

Weapon Sockets

  • 1-handed weapons, Shields, Bows, Guns, and Relics can have a max of 3 sockets in them. It requires 2 of the same stones to create a glow effect.
  • 2-handed weapons can have a max of 6 sockets in them. It requires 4 of the same stones to create a glow effect.
  • If your weapon doesn't have any sockets or the full sockets possible, chisels can be used to drill more sockets.
  • If a chisel fails to add a socket it will decrease the Max Durability of your weapon.
  • Different chisels work for different levels here is a list of the chisels and what level of weapons they work on:
     * Steel Chisels - lvl 30 and below
     * Silver Chisels - lvl 45 and below
     * Gold Chisels - lvl 60 and below
     * Platinum Chisels - lvl 70 and below
     * Sapphire Chisels - lvl 80 and below
     * Diamond Chisels - lvl 90 and Below
     * Crystal Chisels - will work on any item with 100% success.

Picture Gallery

Fortification +5 and 6.
Fortification +7 and 8.
Fortification +9.

Overhauling look

Greatly modifying the weapon looks. Will be adding the quest and other details, along with sprite recipes - Work in progress.

Here is the new:

You will see double groups like Axe and Axes. This is to ensure everything gets transferred to the new look, the duplicate categories will be removed when completed. At the moment, some weapons will be in one or the other, but more than likely not in both.

  • 0 - All weapon types
  • 1 - Class level 1 weapons
  • 2 - Class level 2 weapons
  • 3 - Class level 3 weapons
  • 4 - Class level 4 weapons

Novice is a starter class, but has very limited weapons on the island, and you may not leave the island until you have entered class 1. Because of this, Novice weapons are not listed.


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