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Humans are fierce warriors, with a natural swiftness and wiry strength. Originally little more than a rebellious border clan, with the founding of the Redise Empire, the Humans quickly became a central power in the land. Though still considered a young and developing culture, the Humans have already proven their ability to overcome any obstacle.Classes: Warrior and Paladin


The very blood of the Elves hums with arcane power, inherited from the Dragons themselves. Though few Elves have found their way to the Redise Empire, their powerful elemental magic lends considerable influence to those that do. Many have scoffed at this fey race, but such opinions soon changed when faced with the devastating power of the ancient Dragons. Classes: Warrior and Sorceress


The mysterious Felynx rejected the elemental sorcery of their kin, instead devoting themselves to dangerous shadowmagic. In combat they employ dark spells and curses to weaken their foes, rather than striking at them directly. Though often misunderstood, the Felynx are a valuable addition to the glorious Redise Empire. Classes: Warrior and Shadowmage


The bestial Lycans combine unparalleled natural strength with a notoriously wild nature. With the exception of the Dragons, no race has had more impact on the land than this warlike tribe. But their pride was their undoing, and an ancient tragedy lead to the decimation of their people. Though their numbers have dwindled since the height of their power, a new generation of Lycans is ready to take the fore, and reclaim their people's former glory.

Classes: Warrior and Paladin


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