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Are you curious about the world? Do you want to become more powerful? As you explore the world of Litos, you'll come across different types of quests. And questing is absolutely essential for a greenhorn explorer to become an elite adventurer.

Quest Categories

Before you get started on questing, it would be helpful to know what types of quests there are. Each type of quest functions differently and you can learn more about them below:
  • Scenario Quest: Scenario quests follows the main storyline and could be specific to an adventuring area, or be limited to your character class. These quests are connected to other quests in the scenario. Oftentimes these quests require completion of one task before moving on to the next quest in the series.
  • Normal Quest: Normal quests are often granted to you through one single task to complete. Normal quests are mostly daily, repeatable, or event quests and could also be limited to a specific character class and character race.
  • Guild Quest: Guild quests will grant guild reputation to your guild once you have completed it. Sometimes, these quests include raids in instance dungeons in which guild reputation is given to the party that clears the special instance dungeon or defeat a boss. Other times, these quests could come in the form of event quests or repeatable quests.

You can tell what type of quest you are receiving by the color of the question mark above an NPC's head. In fact, there are many types of quest indicators that can alert you on what stage of the quest you are on and what type of quest you can receive.
Quest Type Quest Available In Progress Quest Complete Repeatable Quest Repeatable Quest In Progress Repeatable Quest Complete
Scenario Scenario_Quest1.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngScenario_Quest2.pngScenario_Quest3.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngScenario_Quest2.png
Normal Normal_Quest1.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngNormal_Quest2.pngNormal_Quest3.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngNormal_Quest2.png
Guild Guild_Quest1.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngGuild_Quest2.pngGuild_Quest3.pngQuest_NotComplete.pngGuild_Quest2.png

LowLvlQuest.png These icons signify low level quests. Regular colored Quest Available icons turn silver when your level becomes 10 levels higher than the required level of this quest.

General Information for Questing

Because there are different levels of quests, you should know the general guidelines for questing, so that your adventures could smoothly continue on!
  • Related quests and prerequisite quests must be completed before proceeding to the next quest in the series.
  • Guild quests activate only when you are in a guild. If you leave the guild after accepting or starting the quest, it will be removed automatically
  • A repeatable quest can be only completed a limited number of times. Once the maximum number of times has been completed, the repeatable quest will be removed from your available quests list.
  • Your quest tracker will only display the quests available/in progress of the zone you are currently in. The quests that are not in the zone you are currently occupying are not displayed.
  • If the quest giver NPC and the quest ender NPC are different, once you have received the quest, you can only complete the quest by talking to the quest ender NPC. You cannot go back to the quest giver NPC for more information about the quest.
  • You can see the types of quests that are available, in progress or completed through the quest icons displayed in the mini map.

Quest Journal window

no1.png Quest Categories: You can check the different types of quests you have in each category: Scenario, Normal, and Guild.
no2.png Quest Classification by Zone: All of the quests you receive in the specific category are grouped by zones as well. You can collapse each group for easier viewing.
no3.png Quest Tracker Checkbox: You can toggle the quest tracker display on your main UI screen.
no4.png Quest Title: The quest titles are displayed with its category colors (Red, Yellow or Blue).
no5.png Quest Scenario: Read more about the backstory behind this quest and why you are helping out that NPC!
no6.png Quest Objective: Perhaps the most important part about picking up a quest; this area displays the quest objective including the monster, item and NPC involved in the quest.
no7.png Reward: Here, you can choose your reward if there is more than one choice for a prize.
no8.png Forfeit: In the unfortunate event that you do not have the ability to complete the quest, you can forfeit it by pressing this button.
no9.png Quest Content: Scenario quests are further classified by the completed quests, in progress quests, and all the quests in the scenario series.

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