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Name Zone Level Nature Title Fame Rarity Location
(Picture) Ancient DragonLand of Sighs46Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ancient Dragon WhelpLand of Sighs45Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bandit MagicianLand of Sighs48Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bandit SniperLand of Sighs47Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Billy BobLand of Sighs46Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Cliff GiantLand of Sighs44Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Cliff ShamanLand of Sighs44Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Cliff WarriorLand of Sighs44Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Dragon Rock WhelpLand of Sighs46Agressive0Normal
(Picture) EilenbergeLand of Sighs48AgressivePeerless Hurricane2Rare Elite(477,249) (429,402) (441,463)
(Picture) JasangLand of Sighs47AgressiveKing Dragon Zombie0Quest Boss(745,612)
(Picture) Lithic LizardLand of Sighs43AgressiveServant of Sighs1Elite(671, 1064)(612, 1135)
(Picture) Male Scrubland YakLand of Sighs43Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Mountain Wind SpiritLand of Sighs48Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Peak Wind SpiritLand of Sighs48Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Relic RobberLand of Sighs47Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ruins BanditLand of Sighs47Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ruins DefenderLand of Sighs43Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ruins FighterLand of Sighs43Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ruins KeeperLand of Sighs43Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Ruins RemnantLand of Sighs43Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Scrubland YakLand of Sighs42Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Stone LizardLand of Sighs42Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Tumbleweed YakLand of Sighs44AgressiveWooly Wasteland Wanderer1Elite(473,825) (330,1040)
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