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Name Zone Level Nature Title Fame Rarity Location
(Picture) AfikaBone Reef Peninsula40Agressive0Quest Boss(226, 256)
(Picture) Ancient Bat 2Bone Reef Peninsula32Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Big Bone Reef ScorpionBone Reef Peninsula39Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bloodythirsty Bone VultureBone Reef Peninsula37Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bone Reef Killer WolfBone Reef Peninsula37Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bone Reef ScorpionBone Reef Peninsula39Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Bone VultureBone Reef Peninsula33Agressive0Normal
(Picture) ChupathingyBone Reef Peninsula34AgressiveBone Reef Boar Chief1Elite(686, 847)(440, 867)
(Picture) EgretBone Reef Peninsula33Agressive0Normal
(Picture) GermaBone Reef Peninsula41Agressive0Quest Boss(460,498)
(Picture) Giant ScorpionBone Reef PeninsulaAgressive0Normal(506, 798)
(Picture) Golden Sabretoothed CatBone Reef Peninsula39Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Pirate MessengerBone Reef Peninsula41Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Quill ScorpionBone Reef Peninsula34Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Reef Fishman SoldierBone Reef Peninsula35Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Reef Fishman WarriorBone Reef Peninsula35Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Scavenging Bone VultureBone Reef Peninsula37Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Sharp-Tusked Wild BoarBone Reef Peninsula33Agressive0Normal
(Picture) Swamp Bat 2Bone Reef Peninsula32Agressive0Normal
(Picture) XBX3600Bone Reef Peninsula40AgressiveRed Ringer2Rare Elite(390,344) (588,433) (247,322)
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