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Sprites can make a variety of equipment. Choose a sprite with crafting abilities that complement your class.

Armor Crafting

Fighter Armor / Warrior Armor / Paladin Armor / Templar Armor / Berserker Armor / Warlord Armor
Hunter Armor / Archer Armor / Ranger Armor / Sharpshooter Armor / Assassin Armor / Darkstalker Armor
Spellcaster Armor / Mage Armor / Wizard Armor / Archmage Armor / Necromancer Armor / Demonologist Armor
Acolyte Armor / Priest Armor / Cleric Armor / Prophet Armor / Sage Armor / Mystic Armor

Sprite Mood Effects

See: Sprite Mood and Feelings

Elated: Your sprite will gain experience at a significantly increased rate.

While in a elated mood, the sprite seems to endowed with a "crafting success rate increases by 100%" enhancement. Don't be fooled by the wording, however. It does NOT mean that success is increased TO 100%; just BY 100%. Since there is scarce evidence available to find out what the base rate of success is per type of item (white, green, orange, etc.) it is hard to actually find out the value of this increase. This crafting bonus may or may not always be available. It might have something to do with it's relationship to you and not it's mood at all.Sprites can be summoned.

Happy: Your sprite will gain experience at a slightly increased rate. This is the mood your beginning sprite will be when you first create your character.The sprite can be summoned.

Sad:Your sprite will gain experience at a slightly decreased rate.Try not to get this mood.Its a negative kind of mood.

Weapon Crafting

One Handed Swords
One Handed Hammers
One Handed Axes
Two Handed Swords
Two Handed Hammers
Two Handed Axes

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