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Welcome, traveler. Rest your weary feet and journey instead through the pages of this wiki.
Here's hoping you find what you are looking for, and perhaps even more.


Caesary Wiki is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world; anyone can edit it. Since its creation in 2009, Caesary Wiki has grown rapidly into one of the largest Caesary web sites. There are many active contributors working on more than 100 articles. Every day, many visitors from around the world can collectively make many edits and create multiple new articles to augment the knowledge held by the Caesary Wiki guide.

Visitors do not need specialized qualifications to contribute, since their primary role is to write articles that cover existing knowledge. This means that people of all ages and cultural and social backgrounds can write Caesary Wiki articles. Most of the articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Internet, simply by clicking the edit this page link. Anyone is welcome to add information, cross-references, or citations, as long as they do so within Aeria's TOS and to an appropriate standard. Substandard or disputed information is subject to removal. Users need not worry about accidentally damaging Caesary Wiki when adding or improving information, as other editors are always around to advise or correct obvious errors, and MediWiki's software is carefully designed to allow easy reversal of editorial mistakes.

Because Caesary Wiki is an ongoing work to which, in principle, anybody can contribute, it differs from a paper-based reference source in important ways. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles more frequently contain significant misinformation, unencyclopedic content, or vandalism. Users need to be aware of this to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation that has been recently added and not yet removed. However, unlike a paper reference source, Caesary Wiki is continually updated, with the creation or updating of articles on topical events within seconds, minutes, or hours, rather than months or years for printed guide.

If you have not done so, we invite you to take a few moments to read the general disclaimer, so that you have an understanding of what you will find on Caesary Wiki. For information about how to use and edit the Caesary Wiki, please see How to Use Caesary Wiki.


About Caesary Wiki

Caesary Wiki history

The Caesary Wiki was created on June 15, 2009. It was created in hopes that a large database of player knowledge could be gathered together and a become a source of knowledge for both the well-traveled and the beginning newbs. I.

Caesary Wiki contributors

Anyone with Web access can view Caesary Wiki, and this openness encourages inclusion of a tremendous amount of content.

Several mechanisms are in place to help Wikipedia members carry out the important work of crafting a high-quality resource while maintaining civility. Editors are able to watch pages and techies can write editing programs to keep track of or rectify bad edits. Where there are disagreements on how to present facts, editors work together to arrive at an article that fairly represents current expert opinion on the subject. The administrators can temporarily or permanently ban editors of Caesary Wiki who fail to work with others in a civil manner.

Although Aeria Games and Entertainment owns the site, it is largely uninvolved in writing and daily operations.

Making the best use of Caesary Wiki

Exploring Caesary Wiki

Many visitors come to this site to acquire knowledge, others to share knowledge. In fact, at this very instant, dozens of articles are being improved, and new articles are also being created. You can view changes as they happen at the Recent changes page. You also can view random articles. Some information on Caesary Wiki is organized into Categories, which organize content around topic areas. You may also search for articles using the search box on the left side of the screen.

Basic navigation in Caesary Wiki

Caesary Wiki articles are all linked, or cross-referenced. Wherever you see highlighted text like this, it means there is a link to some relevant article or Caesary Wiki page with further in-depth information elsewhere if you need it. Holding your mouse over the link will often show you where a link will take you. You are always one click away from more information on any point that has a link attached. There are other links towards the ends of most articles, for other articles of interest, relevant external Web sites and pages, reference material, and organized categories of knowledge which you can search and traverse in a loose hierarchy for more information. You can add further links if a relevant link is missing, and this is one way to contribute.

Using Caesary Wiki as a guide

As a wiki, articles are never complete. They are continually edited and improved over time. In general, this results in an upward trend of quality and a growing consensus over a fair and balanced representation of information.

Users should be aware that not all articles are of encyclopedic quality from the start: they may contain false or debatable information. Indeed, many articles start their lives as partisan; and, after a long process of discussion, debate, and argument, they gradually take on a neutral point of view reached through consensus. Others may, for a while, become caught up in a heavily unbalanced viewpoint which can take some time — months perhaps — to achieve better balanced coverage of their subject. In part, this is because editors often contribute content in which they have a particular interest and do not attempt to make each article that they edit comprehensive. However, eventually, additional editors expand and contribute to articles and strive to achieve balance and comprehensive coverage. In addition, Caesary Wiki operates a number of internal resolution processes that can assist when editors disagree on content and approach. Usually, the editors eventually reach a consensus on ways to improve the article.

The ideal Caesary Wiki article is well-written, balanced, neutral, and encyclopedic, containing comprehensive, notable, verifiable knowledge. An increasing number of articles reach this standard over time, and many already have. Others will later be augmented with new sections. Some information will be considered by later contributors to be insufficiently founded and, therefore, may be removed or expounded.

While the overall trend is toward improvement, it is important to use Caesary Wiki carefully if it is intended to be used as a guide, since individual articles will, by their nature, vary in quality and maturity.

Caesary Wiki versus a paper guide

Caesary Wiki has advantages over traditional paper guides. Caesary Wiki has a very low "publishing" cost for adding or expanding entries and a low environmental impact, since it need never be printed. In addition, Caesary Wiki has links instead of in-line explanations and it incorporates overview summaries (article introductions) with the extensive detail of a full article. Additionally, the editorial cycle is short. A paper guide stays the same until the next edition, whereas writers update Caesary Wiki at every instant, around the clock, ensuring that it stays abreast of the most recent events and scholarship.

Strengths, weaknesses, and article quality in Caesary Wiki

Caesary Wiki's greatest strengths, weaknesses, and differences all arise because it is open to anyone, it has a large contributor base, and its articles are written by consensus, according to editorial guidelines and policies.

  • Caesary Wiki is open to a large contributor base, drawing a large number of editors from diverse backgrounds. This allows Caesary Wiki to significantly reduce regional and cultural bias found in many other publications, and makes it very difficult for any group to censor and impose bias. A large, diverse editor base also provides access and breadth on subject matter that is otherwise inaccessible or little documented. A large number of editors contributing at any moment also means that Caesary Wiki can produce excellent guide articles and resources covering newsworthy events within hours or days of their occurrence. It also means that like any publication, Caesary Wiki may reflect the cultural, age, socio-economic, and other biases of its contributors. There is no systematic process to make sure that "obviously important" topics are written about, so Caesary Wiki may contain unexpected oversights and omissions. While most articles may be altered by anyone, in practice editing will be performed by a certain demographic (younger rather than older, male rather than female, rich enough to afford a computer rather than poor, et cetera) and may, therefore, show some bias. Some topics may not be covered well, while others may be covered in great depth.
  • Allowing anyone to edit Caesary Wiki means that it is more easily vandalized or susceptible to unchecked information, which requires removal. While blatant vandalism is usually easily spotted and rapidly corrected, Caesary Wiki is more subject to subtle viewpoint promotion than a typical reference work. However, bias that would be unchallenged in a traditional reference work is likely to be ultimately challenged or considered on Caesary Wiki. While Caesary Wiki articles generally attain a good standard after editing, it is important to note that fledgling articles and those monitored less well may be susceptible to vandalism and insertion of false information. Caesary Wiki's radical openness also means that any given article may be, at any given moment, in a bad state, such as in the middle of a large edit, or a controversial rewrite. Many contributors do not yet comply fully with key policies, or may add information without proof. Caesary Wiki's open approach tremendously increases the chances that any particular factual error or misleading statement will be relatively promptly corrected. Editors at any given time are monitoring recent changes and edits to articles on their watchlist.
  • Caesary Wiki is written by open and transparent consensus – an approach that has its pros and cons. Censorship or imposing "official" points of view is extremely difficult to achieve and usually fails after a time. Eventually for most articles, all notable views become fairly described and a neutral point of view reached. In reality, the process of reaching consensus may be long and drawn-out, with articles fluid or changeable for a long time while they find their "neutral approach" that all sides can agree on. Reaching neutrality is occasionally made harder by extreme-viewpoint contributors. Caesary Wiki operates a full editorial dispute resolution process, one that allows time for discussion and resolution in depth, but one that also permits disagreements to last for months before poor-quality or biased edits are removed.

That said, articles and subject areas sometimes suffer from significant omissions, and while misinformation and vandalism are usually corrected quickly, this does not always happen. (See for example this incident in which a person inserted a fake biography linking a prominent journalist to the Kennedy assassinations and Soviet Russia as a joke on a co-worker which went undetected for four months, saying afterwards he "didn’t know Wikipedia was used as a serious reference tool.") Therefore, a common conclusion is that it is a valuable resource and provides a good reference point on its subjects.

The MediaWiki software that runs Caesary Wiki retains a history of all edits and changes, thus information added to Caesary Wiki never "vanishes". Discussion pages are an important resource on contentious topics. Therefore, serious researchers can often find a wide range of vigorously- or thoughtfully-advocated viewpoints not present in the consensus article. Like any source, information should be checked.


Caesary Wiki disclaimers apply to all pages on Caesary Wiki. See Caesary Wiki:General disclaimer for more information.

Contributing to/Editing Caesary Wiki

Anyone can contribute to Caesary Wiki by clicking on the Edit this page tab in an article. Before beginning to contribute however, you should check out some handy helping tools such as the How to Use Caesary Wiki page and Toturial on Editing, Sandbox page and Wiki Cheatsheet.

Most articles start as stubs, but after many contributions, they can become useful articles. Once you have determined a topic you are interested in, you may want to request that the article be written (or you could even research the issue and write it yourself). Caesary Wiki has many on-going projects, focused on specific topic areas or tasks, which help coordinate editing. The hope of any contributor is to provide useful and accurate information to others, and the projects help coordinate efforts.

Caesary Wiki uses a simple yet powerful page layout to allow editors to concentrate on adding material rather than page design. These include automatic sections and subsections, automatic references and cross-references, image and table inclusion, indented and listed text, links, ISBNs, and math, as well as usual formatting elements and most world alphabets and common symbols. Most of these have simple formats that are deliberately very easy and intuitive.

The page layout consists of tabs along the top of the window. These are:

  • Article. Shows the main Caesary Wiki article.
  • Discussion. Shows a user discussion about the articles topics and possible topics, controversies, etc.
  • Edit this page. This tab allows users to edit the article. Depending on the controversy surrounding the topic, this tab may not be shown for all users.
  • History. This tab allows readers to view the editors of the article and the changes that have been made.
  • Watch. By clicking on the watch tab, any changes made to the article will be displayed on your watchlist. (Note: when this tab is clicked, it changes to an unwatch tab.)

Caesary Wiki has robust version and reversion controls. This means that poor-quality edits or vandalism can quickly and easily be reversed or brought up to an appropriate standard by any other editor, so inexperienced editors cannot accidentally do permanent harm if they make a mistake in their editing. As there are many more editors intent on improving articles than not, error-ridden articles are usually corrected promptly.

Caesary Wiki content criteria

Caesary Wiki content is intended to be factual, notable, verifiable and neutrally presented.

Editorial administration, oversight and management

The Caesary Wiki community is largely self-organizing, so that anyone may build a reputation as a competent editor and become involved in any role he/she may choose, subject to peer approval. Individuals often will choose to become involved in specialized tasks, such as reviewing articles at others' request, watching current edits for vandalism, watching newly created articles for quality control purposes, or similar roles. Editors who find that editorial administrator responsibility would benefit their ability to help the community may ask their peers in the community for agreement to undertake such roles; a structure which enforces meritocracy and communal standards of editorship and conduct.

A variety of software-assisted systems and automated programs are available to help editors to watch for problematic edits and editors. The founder of Caesary Wiki(Aeria Games) is the sole group empowered to override this process, but will not do so unless called for under extreme circumstances.

Handling disputes and abuse

Caesary Wiki has a rich set of methods to handle most abuses that commonly arise. These methods are well-tested and should be relied upon.

  • Intentional vandalism can be reported to the Game Masters of Aeria Games and corrected by anyone.
  • Unresolved disputes between editors, whether based upon behavior, editorial approach, or validity of content, can be addressed through the talk page of an article, through requesting comments from other editors.
  • Abuse of user accounts, such as the creation of "Internet sock puppets" or solicitation of friends and other parties to enforce a non-neutral viewpoint or inappropriate consensus within a discussion, or to disrupt other Caesary Wiki processes in an annoying manner, can be reported to the Game Masters.

Technical attributes

Caesary Wiki uses MediaWiki software, the open-source program used not only on Wikipedia projects but also on many other third-party Web sites. The hardware supporting the Wikimedia projects is based on almost one hundred servers in various hosting centers around the world. Full descriptions of these servers are available on this meta page.

Feedback and questions

Caesary Wiki is run as a communal effort. It is a community project whose result is an encyclopedia. Feedback about content should, in the first instance, be raised on the discussion pages of those articles. You are invited to be bold and edit the pages yourself to add information or correct mistakes if you are knowledgeable and able to do so.

--Jeirhart 01:53, 19 June 2010 (EDT)

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