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To purchase AP or Aeria Points you have to pay using real money. Aeria Points can be used in the Item Mall for all games that Aeria has. The Item Mall is there to enhance your gaming experience in playing games by Aeria. Purchasing Aeria Points is entirely optional. Upon buying Aeria Points you will be given Reward Points based on 10% of the purchase you made. There is a 35% Reward Points Bonus for new users buying Aeria Points, so try to make your purchase big. They are redeemable after 3 months of the purchase.

There are many ways to purchase Aeria Points. First log on and go to the "Stores" section at the top and select how you will pay. There are some payment options that are instant and some that aren't instant. Then whatever payment option you chose, follow the instructions on how to pay. Then when the purchase has been made to Aeria Games, Aeria Points will be transferred to your account.

You can use Aeria Points in every game that Aeria has to offer. Aeria Games offer different methods to purchase AP. As of March 6, 2009 payment methods include...

I. Credit card

 A. Google check out
 B. PayPal
   i. PayPal Express
   ii. PaYPal Credit card checkout
 C. Click and Buy

II. Cash

 A. PayByCash
 B. UCash

III. Phone

 A. OneBip

IV. GiftCard

 A. Aeria Fun Card
   i. select 7-11 stores
   ii. local Target stores

--Wolfssin 02:29, 6 March 2009 (EST)

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