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Eden Eternal has a unique feature called the Break Point System. When you take advantage of a monster's weakness their BP bar will deplete and you will gain better quality loot when you defeat them!


Each Boss in Eden has a break point bar.

  • Players may view the bar by targeting the boss portrait. The break point bar is located under the MP bar.
  • Located next to the boss portrait is the boss weakness.

Please Note: Each boss in Eden may have different weaknesses. Players may want help from additional players to break the monster.


Break Point

Once the break point bar is depleted the boss will be broken.

  • Some boss appearances may not always change. Players may want to make sure the break point bar is depleted before defeating.


Players who successfully take advantage of the monster's weaknesses will gain better quality loot.

  • To view the break point drop list select the ? icon next to the Boss portrait. Players may also select this icon to view the boss skills.


Weakness Types

To deplete the break point bar, players must deal damage based on the monster's weakness. Each boss may have different weakness and may require different weapons or skills to overcome.

Icon Name Weakness Description
Slash.png Slash Slashing attack done by Sword, Great Sword, Rapier, Axe, Katana, or Dagger.
Pierce.png Pierce Piercing attack done by Bow or Gun.
Strike.png Strike Striking done by Hammer, Club, Mace, Cestus, Guitar, Grimoire or Staff.
Lightning.png Lightning Attack with the lightning attribute such as spells from a Magician, Shaman, Warlock or Luminary .
Nature.png Nature Attack with the nature attribute such as spells from a Cleric, Bard or Shaman. Some Skills on Engineer also do Nature ( in Cyber form ).
Fire.png Fire Attack with the fire attribute such as spells from a Magician, Illusionist, Bard Warlock, Luminary or Engineer ( in Cyber form ).
Ice.png Ice Attack with the ice attribute such as spells from a Magician, Illusionist or Warlock.
Holy.png Holy Attack with the holy attribute such as spells from a Cleric or Templar.
Dark.png Dark Attack with the dark attribute such as spells from a Warlock or Luminary.
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