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Bosses in Shaiya are monsters that have much more HP, attack, and defense than their counterparts. They can usually be found in dungeons, but some are found throughout the maps too. For dungeon bosses, it is recommended that you have a party to kill the bosses, as they are very hard to bring down, but usually drop very valuable items.

From episode 2: Light and Darkness.


Alliance of Light

Union of Fury

Borderlands (Shared PvP Battle Grounds)

Mini-Boss Mobs

Among the regular monsters that wander in Keuraijen and Adeurian you sometimes find one that stands out. These monsters are much tougher than the normal monsters in the surrounding area, but may drop rare items as a reward for vanquishing them. Be on the look out for them, as they only appear once every 72 hours.

Mini-Bosses in Keuraijen

Chaos PriestDeponeHagridKuntaPain
Penrid's SonPigletSabrinaTanatossVenom
  • Chaos Priest - apparition
  • Depone - grey zombie wearing dark purple
  • Hagrid - large, red stone golem
  • Kunta - large sealakel (have seen Kunta in two spots of Helm Marsh ; by NE entrance and center W side)
  • Pain - mutant human
  • Penrid's Son - armored wolf
  • Piglet - large tusked boar
  • Sabrina - succubi
  • Tanatoss - demonstone
  • Venom - black and white striped spider

Mini-Bosses in Adeurian

AltiusBlue WaterBuffyDumpGaheris
GineviaHighnonKing GaynerKutissMedusa
RipleyRobin HoodWhittard River MasterZann Phantom Thief
  • Altius - Large red wyvern
  • Blue Water - red and blue scaled watcher
  • Buffy - among Dryads and Tatoramo NW of BloodDagger Camp
  • Dump - nw blood dagger camp
  • Gaheris - fighter by portal to Raigo near road
  • Ginevia - little east from Garess
  • Highnon - bluish kobolt in Getan Mine
  • King Gayner - near Aurizen Ruins (2 spawn points known)
  • Kutiss - blue horn helmed shaman N of Arteria Forces Camp
  • Medusa - mountains between Arena Stronghold and Prymates among other vipers
  • Ripley - Harpy N of Arena Stronghold (2 spawn points known)
  • Robin Hood - Archer commander among the Sprinterr Rangers / Watchers
  • Whittard River Master - E of blood dagger camp on riverbank
  • Zann Phantom Thief - middle blood dagger camp
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