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Boatyard is the gateway to a whole lot more of adventures ahead. From here you can meet additional challenges and experience. Grab your weapons and call up some buddies to join you now! A fantastic journey awaits!


Chambers: Chambers created by players on this server. Current Channel: The server you are currently in. User Profile: Includes personal image, character name, league name, ranking, and glory.

ID: Chamber number. Click to range chambers from small ID to large ID, or vise versa. Chamber Name: Arrange the names of the chambers from A to Z Chamber Mode: Click to range chambers according to appointed mode. Scene: Click to range chambers according to which dungeon mission they are going on Difficulty: Click to range chambers according to appointed difficulty level. Population: Click to range chambers according to the number of players.

Shortcut: Player will be placed into a chamber automatically. Search: Enter a Chamber ID for quick join. Create: Click to create a new chamber.

Player list: View all players that are in the Game House on your server. This list is arranged by level with your name at the top.


Ant Cave

Modes: Easy (lv9-12) | Normal (lv12-15)

Stage 1: Defeat Ants

With a full party this stage should be fairly easy. Split the team into two groups so that the two teams can focus on opposite sides of the map. Use higher angle shots to avoid hitting other members of your team and switch places if a player starts to get low on health.

Stage 2: Defeat Ant Queen

Three members of the team should focus all fire on the Ant Queen herself, ignoring the Ant Guards if possible. One player should act as a shield and fight the Ant Guards to protect the other members of the team. If the Ant Guards begin to cause too much damage, switch places to protect your teammate. Try Angle 35, Power 65 when aiming for Denise. Never fly near the Ant Queen spot or you will be instantly killed.

Run Run Chicken!

Modes: Easy (lv9-12) | Normal (lv12-15) | Difficult (lv15-20)

Stage 1: Defeat Shelled/Shelless Chicks

Similar to Ant Cave Stage 1, except your team starts split on opposite sides of the map. Focus fire on enemies closest to you to prevent taking damage. Switch places with the players in front if they begin to take too much damage.

Stage 2: Defeat Fat Hens

These Fat Hens can only be attacked when they don't use their hats as shields. As each Fat Hen takes her hat off, focus your team's fire on them. Lowest platform should be around Angle 20 with Power 75 while middle platform is about Angle 30 and Power 75, and the top platform is around Angle 40 and 85 Power. Never fly near the Fat Hen's spots or you will be instantly killed.

Stage 3: Destroy Chicken Coop

This stage only appears in Normal and Difficult modes. Focus team fire on the Chicken Coop, only attacking Thin-Neck Roosters if they start to gang up on your team mates. Ignore the Fat Hens if possible.

Stage 4: Defeat Eggena

Simply focus all attacks on Eggena. As she is always in the same place when you can attack her, simply aim towards her and use about 65 Power. Your team may want to spread out as to not take as much damage from her poison eggs. Never fly near Eggena's spots or you will be instantly killed.

Gulu Kingdom

Modes: Easy (lv15-16) | Normal (lv16-18) | Difficult (lv18-23) | Heroic (lv23)

Stage 1: Defeat Gulus

Focus fire on enemies closest to your teammates to prevent damage. One of your teammates may want to tank some damage to force the Gulus to bunch up, making it easier to attack more at once. Keep them healed with items or skills if possible. They should teleport (fly) if they begin to take too much damage.

Stage 2: Defeat Captain Barok

Barok can not take damage from the front but he can take damage from behind near his bandage. When you can't attack him, heal your team mates or attack the Gulu Guards to build up POW. If you're in the back rows, you can hit Barok on his platform by using Angle 40 and 50 power and hit him while he's on the bottom by using angle 20 and 45 power. If you're in the front rows you can use angle 50 with 45 power to hit Barok on his platform (adjust for wind) and use angle 20 and 40 power to hit him while he's down. Make sure to never get too closer to Barok or you will be instantly killed.

Stage 3: Collect Keys Land on Platform

This stage only appears in Heroic mode. All "attacks" are teleportation on this stage. Each member of the team has four chances to land on the four platforms with keys suspended above the players. Aim up between the platforms and use angles and the wind to land on the various platforms and collect the keys. Once the four keys have been collected, the stage is over.

Stage 4: Defeat Gulu King (2 forms)

This stage only appears in Normal, Difficult and Heroic modes. During the first part of this fight, simply focus all attacks on the Gulu King until his health drops to zero. You may want to keep the Gulu King low on health while your team recovers health if you take too much damage. During the second stage, the Gulu King will turn Red and will begin to use shields to protect himself. Aim up and use power and wind to land the shots on top of his head. If a member of your team is frozen, hit them with a single shot to unfreeze them or risk losing them on the next Gulu King turn. If you're in the back rows, use angle 30 and 45 power when shields are down and angle 70 with 55 power when shields are up (adjust to wind accordingly). Front row is nearly the same, with angle 30 and 40 power when shields are down, angle 70 and 45 power when shields are up (again, adjust with wind). If the wind is against you, then you need more power. If the wind is with you, then use less power. Make sure to never get too closer to the Gulu King or you will be instantly killed.

Stage 5: Defeat Mardicus Shadow

This stage only appears in Heroic modes. Ice Bombs are a must on this stage! During the fight, use angle 41 and 45 power to hit Mardicus on the top of his head for maximum damage. If he begins to glow and his fuses ignite, throw a Ice Bomb to cool him off by landing the Ice Bomb on top of his head. If he explodes the stage is over. Occasionally he will also send out Bomb Juniors. When he does this, focus all attacks on them to prevent them from reaching your teammates.


Modes: Normal (lv22-27) | Difficult (lv27-31) | Heroic (lv35)

Stage 1: Defeat Tribal Warriors

Similar fight to the Gulu Kingdom Stage 1. Bunch up the enemy Warriors and focus all shots on groups of enemies for maximum damage. Ignore the spear-throwing Tribe Warrior until all the others have been killed or you may end up fighting multiples.

Stage 2: Protect and Heal the Magic Bean

Protect the Magic Bean from the Tribe Warriors by moving to the other side of the Magic Bean. Then use Angelic Arms to heal the Magic Bean whenever possible. Ignore the spear-throwing Tribe Warriors and kill the others only when you can't heal the Bean.

Stage 3: Defeat the Shaman Brothers

Split the stage into 2 teams of 2, with teams focusing on different brothers. Try to reduce both Brothers down to zero at the same time, otherwise the living Brother will resurrect the other on their next turn. Ignore the spear-throwing Tribe Warriors and destroy Totems when they pop out of the ground, being careful not to hit teammates.

Stage 4: Defeat Sohnlein (2 forms)

Similar to the Gulu King, Sohnlein has two forms. During the first form, focus all attacks on Sohnlein unless Totems come out of the ground. Once his health has dropped to zero, the second half of the fight will begin. Luckily your Magic Bean friend will show up to help. Keep your strongest attacker near the Bean to receive health on every Magic Bean turn. Otherwise focus all attacks on Sohnlein. Keep your team spread out to avoid some attacks. Occasionally Sohnlein will use an attack that randomly moves your characters. If you are moved too close to Sohnlein, move away immediately or risk instant death on your next turn. The Magic Bean may also move, so follow it around when possible.

Shadow Castle

Modes: Normal (lv22-27) | Difficult (lv27-31) | Heroic (lv35)

Stage 1: Protect Dynamite barrel to destroy gate

Ice Bombs and Angelic Arms are a must to complete this stage! Kill all Goblin Slaves when they appear, hit the Barrel with Ice Bombs before the fire-breathing Dragon Gate burns the earth in front of the gate, and heal the Barrel with Angelic Arms to prevent it from exploding too early. Move to the top of the ledge and set your angle at zero. To hit barrel: First stop = Angle 0 and 35 power. Second stop = angle 0 with 65 power. Once two barrels have reach the gate and exploded, you will be able to move on to the next stage.

Stage 2: Defeat Hawk and Wolf

At the beginning of the stage, focus all attacks on the Wolf as the Hawk will be invincible to attacks. Once the Hawk has begun glowing with a weird symbol above them and the Wolf's eyes begin to glow, spread your team out and focus all attacks on the Hawk. Take out the Hawk quickly as the Wolf will cause a lot of damage while in this mode.

Stage 3: Defeat Minotaur North (2 forms*)

Minotaur North has only one form in Normal but two in Difficult and Heroic. In the first stage, your team will need to quickly destroy the floating purples flames before the Minotaur can absorb them for health and power. Until they are destroyed and Minotaur tries to absorb them, Minotaur North will be invincible to all attacks. Save your POWs and keep your team healed while waiting for Minotaur to try and absorb the flames after you have destroyed them. Make sure to stay away from his immediate area or risk instant death. In Difficult and Heroic mode, after you have reduced him to zero health once, he will lose the axe and begin charging across the map. Continue to focus attacks on him while keeping your distance and healing your teammates until he falls.

Dragon Zone

Modes: Normal (lv22-27) | Difficult (lv27-31) | Heroic (lv35)

Stage 1: Defeat Goblin Commander

Spread your team out across the stage to prevent some area of affect attacks. For most of this fight you will simply want to aim and shoot directly at the Goblin Commander. Just before he uses his Nuclear attack, the two Goblin Shamans will drop their shield to turn the crank. You can then attack them and drop the Goblin Commander back to the ground, skipping the Nuclear attack and losing some of his upgrades. Keep attacking him until dead.

Stage 2: Defeat Goblins and Goblin Commander

Stay on the platforms but keep your members spread out. Moving to the ground or on the tank itself will result in instant death. Focus your team's attacks on the larger Goblins (spyglass Goblin is good target) until they fall one after the other. Then focus all attacks on the Goblin Commander until he falls. To hit the goblin in the front, use angle 30 with 45 power. To hit the goblin at the top, use angle 45 with 60 power. Finally, use angle 45 and 50 power for the Goblin Commander.

Stage 3: Defeat Diaw

Focus all attacks on Diaw and keep towards the middle of the platform until he begins using some of his tricks. If he summons an Iron Maiden and traps one of your teammates, have another player attack the Iron Maiden to free them and prevent excessive damage. If he teleports a player up to the platform on the left, destroy the 16 ton weight before it is dropped and kills that player. His red hot pokers can be stopped by Ice Bombs or simply ignored as long as you stay towards the center of the platform.

Stage 4: Defeat Dragon

Ice Bombs are necessary for this stage! Aim for the Dragon's Eye as much as possible by aiming up and calculating power. When an Ice Bomb is dropped on the platform, throw two more Ice Bombs to build a wall to prevent the Dragon's flame breath. When baby dragons are sent out, be careful not to cause damage to your teammates while attacking them, as they will block attacks. Keep away from the rear edge, as the Dragon will attempt to scare you off the ledge. When the Dragon is injured by the missile barrage, simply focus all attacks on him until he falls.

Gulu Olympics

Modes: Normal (lv22-27) | Difficult (lv27-31) | Heroic (lv35)

Stage 1: Score enough points

Your team will be split up to both sides of the map. Aim your shots, use triple shots, and adjust your aim mid-shot to hit as many good balloons as possible. This stage should be fairly easy for a team of four.

Stage 2: Protect your team while defeating opponents

To win this stage, your entire Orange Gulu team will need to reach the top. Your teammates can fly so they may wish to move underneath the platforms for better angles. Attack the Blue Gulus as much as possible and keep them all low on health. If your team is too weak to attack all five, focus on just two Blue Gulus. You can also heal the Orange Gulus if their health drops too low.

Stage 3: Defeat Boxer

At the start, two people should move to either side, so that they can hit the referee but generally all players should focus attacks on the Boxer. Do not stack on each other, otherwise the boxer will fatigue/angle lock everyone who is stacked. Hit the referee when the boxer has both shield/attack effects on and when the boxer has between 25-30% HP health left otherwise he will heal. However you can only hit the referee twice, anymore and it's instant death! Try not to hit members of your team.

Stage 4: Defeat Referee

Referee can not be hit from the front. Focus all attacks on his back or on his HAT if he is facing you. When glowing circles appear on the stage, stand in them for boosts to Defense, Offense and Health. The referee uses some powerful attacks so keep your team well healed. Keep attacking him until he falls.

Time Vortex

Stage 1: Defeat Wolves

Ice bombs are needed to complete this stage. The Chick Guards will protect you from the wolves at the beginning of the stage. After a few rounds, Captain Commando will come. Use an ice bomb to freeze him, or he will instantly kill you. After 1 round, a team member should use an ice bomb again to prevent Captain Commando from un-freezing.

Stage 2: Defeat Blackbeard

Blackbeard will summon Evil Shells that will explode doing high damage. Ice bombs can be useful when trying to defeat them. Half of your team should focus on killing the Evil Shells to prevent them from doing too much damage. When the Evil Shells are not a threat, you should all focus on attacking Blackbeard himself.

Stage 3: Cure Chicks

Angelic Arms is required in this stage. Fully heal a poisoned Chick Soldier to cure it. Cure 5 chicks without letting 5 die to win this stage.

Stage 4: Defeat Wrigley

Wrigley has 3 forms. In the first form it will Deploy 4 missiles. Fire at the missiles to destroy them. If you don't manage to destroy all the missiles, you will take high damage. In it's second form, it will deploy out laser beams. Move out of the target of the laser beams to prevent taking damage from the laser next round. Once out of the target, fire at the Kulenvilter. In Wrigley's final form, he can teleport you to a random place as well as prevent you from using skills. Ice bombs are useful in this stage, as they prevent him from using his strongest attack. Attack and heal when necessary to beat him.

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