Blue Coral Forest

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Blue Coral Forest



Pink area - Green Coral Town


Search: Hedgepig Feather

Gather: Hedgepig Leather

Racoon Lemur

Search: Racoon Lemur Feather

Gather: Racoon Lemur Leather

Cocoa Poodle

Search: Cocoa Poodle Feather

Gather: Cocoa Poodle Leather


Gather: Horntree Fruit

Chop: Horntree Wood


Search: Forget-me-Not Flower

Dig: Forget-me-Not Root

Chop: Forget-me-Not Stem

Yellow area - Green Coral environs and Beach

Pikin Artifact

Search: Pikin Jewel

Gather: Pikin Relic

Jewel Coral

Dig: Damaged Jewel Coral/Jewel Coral

Chop: Damaged Jewel Coral/Jewel Coral


Gather: Yew Fruit

Chop: Yew Wood


Search: Muscovite Metal

Dig: Muscovite Ore

On the long, thin beach at the north of this yellow area, you can find higher-quality items more common on Coral Beach (see Orange Area). Hermit Crabs can also be found on these beaches.

Red area - Blue Coral Town


Search: Rabitoink Feather

Gather: Rabitoink Leather


Search: Purreina Down

Gather: Purreina Leather


Search: Flyming Feather

Gather: Flyming Leather

The area around the fountain and the east entrance to Blue Coral is a good place to find animals, as is the pathway behind the smithy there leading towards the town centre.

Orange area - Coral Beach and Aurun Mine


Dig: Albite Ore

Search: Albite Metal


Dig: Sophora Root

Search: Sophora Flower

Chop: Sophora Stem

Schier Artifact

Search: Schier Jewel

Gather: Schier Relic

Hermit Crab

Search: Hermit Crab Claws

Gather: Broken Topshell/Topshell (rare), occasionally nothing

This beach also contains all the materials from the next area, but in much smaller quantities. The Albite and Sophora here are more concentrated on the eastern side of the beach.

Dark blue area - Old Coral Forest, Red Coral and Rose Coral Forest

Canna Lily

Dig: Canna Lily Root

Search: Canna Lily Flower

Chop: Canna Lily Stem


Gather: Smoketree Fruit

Chop: Smoketree Wood


Search: Fayalite Metal

Dig: Fayalite Ore

Matina Artifact

Search: Matina Jewel

Gather: Matina Relic

The area these materials are found in is huge, right from Old Coral forest to the road ouside Red Coral. The materials are pretty well spread out, but Old Coral Forest has a pretty good spawn of all four types, and has less mobs that aggro.

Violet's Blueberry farm also has Blueberries, but the only non-quest item given from them is Rotten Blueberries, which is an "Other" item that can be sold for a few silver.

Dark Green area - Silent Light Hill and Eastern Humbaba Forest

Prismleaf Tree

Gather: Prismleaf Tree Fruit

Chop: Prismleaf Tree Wood


Dig: Thistlemum Root

Search: Thistlemum Flower

Chop: Thistlemum Stem


Dig: Magnesite Ore

Search: Magnesite Metal

Tuto Artifact

Search: Tuto Jewel

Gather: Tuto Relic

Daisies tend to be closer to the west of the "Optimi Road" marker on the minimap. Tuto Artifacts are more common in the area just southwest of Olivia's Coral Farm. Silent Light Hill has some materials, but is not really worth the effort as the mobs are very concentrated there.

Also the area leading to the cave in the Red Coral area has these materials, but they are sparse and often guarded by multiple mobs.

Lavender area - Humbaba's Forest and Howlshade Hollow

Garona Artifact

Search: Garona Jewel

Gather: Garona Relic


Search: Tridymite Metal

Dig: Tridymite Ore

Silk Tree

Chop: Silk Tree Wood

Gather: Silk Tree Fruit

Iris Canna

Dig: Iris Canna Root

Search: Iris Canna Flower

Chop: Iris Canna Stem

The area around the words "Humbaba Forest" on your minimap (*not* the overworld map, the one accessed by pressing "N") is a great place for Iris Canna in particular, as well as Garona Artifacts, without a great deal of hassle from mobs.

Light Green area - North Beach


Dig: Augite Ore

Search: Augite Metal


Gather: Juniper Fruit

Chop: Juniper Wood

Kashan Artifact

Search: Kashan Jewel

Gather: Kashan Relic


Search: Mirabilis Flower

Dig: Mirabilis Root

Chop: Mirabilis Stem

This long beach also spawns Iris Canna, Silk Trees, Garona Artifacts and Tridymite, though these tend to be more to the west. As always on beaches, Hermit Crabs can be found along the shore.

Turquoise area - Aria Island

Yellow Forget-me-Not

Dig: Yellow Forget-me-Not Root

Search: Yellow Forget-me-Not Flower

Chop: Yellow Forget-me-Not Stem

Red Muscovite

Dig: Red Muscovite Ore

Search: Red Muscovite Metal

Highland Horntree

Gather: Highland Horntree Fruit

Chop: Highland Horntree Wood

Ancient Pikin Artifact

Search: Ancient Pikin Jewel

Gather: Ancient Pikin Relic

The mobs here tend to attack in packs and are densely packed, so be careful as you collect and do NOT come here before level 18/19 unless you have help. Because you will die like I did xD

Credit to MeiuAngel on LO forums

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