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Blacksmiths are NPCs found in most cities. Blacksmiths offer four services, for a price of course.

  • Repair of gear
  • Linking of Lapis to gear
  • Extraction of Lapis from gear
  • Enchanting items


Repair of Gear

The endurance of an item helps determine its efficiency during combat encounters, and this endurance will slowly decrease until it reaches 0. Weapons with full endurance inflict the most damage. Armors with full endurance absorb the most damage. A decrease in endurance reduces the effectiveness of your gear and a blacksmith can repair an item, thus restoring its endurance and effectiveness.


Simply find the nearest Blacksmith, double left-click to interact and select 'Repair Weapon'. You'll notice an amount of gold is displayed when you hover your cursor over the 'All Repair' button. This amount is the cost to repair all of your currently equipped gear. If this amount is acceptable, click 'All Repair'.

If you wish to repair unequipped gear in your inventory or a single equipped item, click 'Repair Weapon' and hover your cursor over selected item. You'll notice that the cursor has changed from the standard cursor to a repair cursor. Hovering this cursor over a damaged item will show the price to repair that particular item, to actually perform the repair, simply click on the item. Items with full endurance will show a repair cost of 0.

Lapis Linking

Once you've acquired a Lapis you must take it and the item you wish to link it into to the Blacksmith.

  • (1) Click 'Repair Weapon'
  • (2) Click 'Link Rapis' (yes it says Rapis instead of Lapis)
  • (3) Place the item to be linked into the 'Linked Item' slot at the top
  • (4) If you are using a Linking Hammer, place one in the 'Linking Hammer' slot
  • (5) Place a single Lapis into one of the empty black spots just below that

You must have at least one empty slot to perform a link, if all the slots are red (or full), then linking Lapis to that item is not possible(6)

  • (7) Click 'Link Rapis', a confirm dialogue will come up showing the price and percentage chance to successfully link. Click 'OK' to continue.


Lapis Extraction

It is also possible to remove Lapis from an item at the Blacksmith, but be warned that a Blacksmith will attempt to remove ALL currently linked Lapis from an item if you click 'Extract' unless you use an Extraction Hammer. If you simply want to remove all the Lapis from an item, click 'Extract' after placing the item into the 'Linked Item' slot. A confirm dialogue will come up showing the price and chance for successful extraction. Click 'OK' to continue. Extracting Lapis in this fashion is an all or nothing deal, either they all come out or they are all destroyed. Lapis that have been successfully extracted are placed into your inventory.

If there is more than one Lapis already linked to an item and you want to remove a single Lapis from the item, then the Extraction Hammer is the only solution. After placing the pre-linked item into the item slot, place the Extraction Hammer into the hammer slot, which will cause all the Lapis to darken. Once this happens you can then click on the Lapis you wish to extract, which will then be hi-lited. Click 'Extract' and the confirm dialogue will come up showing the price and percentage chance of successful extraction. Click 'OK' and if the extraction is successful the Lapis will be placed in your inventory.


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