Black Swamp

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Black Swamp
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Sub Location of:
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
25 - 32
Black Swamp is located in the Ilya Region. To the West is Ancient Forest and to the South is Bone Reef Peninsula. Monsters in this region drop Lost Power of Dead Spirits, which can be turned into the altar at the top of the map. Black Swamp Quests will lead you through this area and level you up for the next map. Maximum reputation from this map is 16,000 (Ilya).
NPC's: Black Swamp NPC's
Quests: Black Swamp Quests
Monsters: Black Swamp Monsters



Name X Y
Oz 409 225


Name Level Type
Swamp Bat 31
Ancient Bat 32
Dark Swamp Gator 30
Crocodile Egg 31
Wisewood 25
Withered Wisewood 26
Brain-Infesting Maggot 27
Toasted Wisewood 29
Ashen Wisewood 27
Hearty Swampcrab 31
Fierce Winged Imp 30
Screwloose Giant 31
Skeletal Villager 29
Skeletal Soldier 29
Skeletal Beserker? 30
Skeletal Sorcerer? 31
Skeletal Wizard? 31


Name Level Type Summons
Vergne 34 Always
Mournful Myski 32 Quest
Saxilundor 32 Random
Fell Winged Hell Bat 32 Random
Sirenco 28 Always


Books - Tales of the Black Monsters

Required Level 24
The Black Swamp is always cloaked in eeriness, said to be haunted by many monsters. Fans of suspense can't miss the chance for slaying with Olivi!
  1. Don't Lean on the Trunk
  2. Shadow in the Moonlight
  3. A Baby's Cry
  4. Hypocrite
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