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Terrain doesn't stand a chance against the high-speed mounts of Scarlet Blade, the bikes. Eating up ground in a manner of seconds, the bikes are the preferred method of navigating the maps.


  • You first acquire a bike as a quest reward at level 10.
  • A bike's speed can be boosted by enchanting.
  • While some bikes appear instantly beneath your character as opposed to the animation of mounting the bike, there can still be a few seconds of delay before you can move depending on the bike.


Icon Bike Name Movement Speed
storm_zps61a8a0f2.png LB-Stormchaser + 100
stormleg_zps71f9da3f.png Legendary Commander Stormchaser + 115
stormelite_zpsfd48e9a3.png Elite Commander Stormchaser + 115
sleip_zps37034728.png Pearlflame Sleipnir + 115
cru_y.jpg Hornet Cruiser + 115
cru_b.jpg Foxfire Cruiser + 115
slp.gif Slash Skype + 115
slp_b.gif Ebon Sleipnir + 115
slp_w.gif Slash Skype (White) + 115
lan_w.gif Lancer (White) + 115
lan_b.gif Lancer (Black) + 115
Rapidfire Red + 120
Rapidfire Black + 120
J1rxTs5.png Rapidfire Gold + 120
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